During the Spring Festival holiday, come to Changlu Tourism Expo Park to experience a series of strong Spring Festival folk activities

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Kind cow shake tail to go, Fu Tiger Xianrui to the door!With the correct guidance of the government and the hard work of various functional departments, the Chinese people have enjoyed a peaceful and stable New Year of the Tiger.Most of the citizens who stay in Guangzhou for the Chinese New Year choose to travel with their relatives and friends. Changlu Tourism Expo Park, as a national 5A tourist attraction, has become one of the first choice of local tourism destinations.From February 1 to February 7, Changlu Tourism Expo Park held a series of Spring Festival folk activities, such as “Lingnan Customs and Culture Street”, “folk parade”, “Ten thousand people write ten thousand blessings”, “cash cow”, “Han Marriage Show”, so that tourists feel the thick flavor of the New Year, by the majority of tourists.Different from the common Chinese wedding, the traditional Chinese wedding has six procedures: accepting, asking for the name, naji, accepting, asking for the date, and welcoming.Interlocking, each with its profound connotation.Long Lu to greet this part of the perspective, for tourists to reproduce the characteristics of the Han wedding, solemn and festive, harmonious and decent.Each time, the host of the han Marriage show randomly selected the lucky audience to become the groom, and each “groom” got another happy New Year feeling!In the festive Spring Festival, tourists not only understand the classical Han marriage culture of elegance and dignity, but also feel the extraordinary joy of the New Year.The “Wanfu Tu” in the activity of “Ten thousand People writing together” is nearly one hundred meters long calligraphy and painting composed by tourists.The joint effort of the drawing represents the happy New Year wishes of tourists.Guan, from Guangzhou, said, “This activity is very meaningful. It is very interesting for my son to write” fu “in the New Year and pray for good luck. He feels a great sense of achievement to write” fu “with so many people.In addition, “Wanfu” in “Wanfu tu” also means wanfu, which is a way for women to meet and salute each other in ancient times, representing the meaning of blessing and prayer.According to the reporter, the changlu activity of “ten thousand people writing the Wanfu Tu” is based on the starting point of “one heart and one mind, praying together”.In the international context of the normalized epidemic situation, Changlu Tourism Expo Park never slackness in epidemic control and always puts the health of tourists first!It is understood that Changlu began to implement the reservation system for visitors in 2020, and detailed the time-sharing reservation for each amusement project to strictly control the density of personnel.In addition, measures such as “double code”, temperature measurement, free masks and disinfectant supply, frequent disinfection in public areas and “one guest for one disinfection” in guest rooms are the regular epidemic prevention work of Changlu Tourism Expo Park.Tourists have fun, but also need to play at ease!In addition, it is understood that the long Deer Tourism expo Park’s New Year’s activities will continue until February 15, the Lantern Festival, there will also be a large dumplings, lanterns and riddles and other traditional wonderful programs.