From April 1, the official implementation

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The newly revised Regulations of the Ministry of Public Security on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving License and the Measures for the Management of Road Traffic Safety Violations will be implemented from April 1, 2022.The newly formulated and revised regulations solidify the transport management reform measures introduced by the Ministry of Public Security in recent years, making the results of the reform institutionalized and law-based. In response to the new requirements and expectations of the people, six new measures have been introduced to benefit the people and enterprises.Among them: 4 new measures to facilitate the driving test and license were officially implemented from April 1.First, the implementation of large and medium-sized passenger and truck driving license nationwide “one license test”.For those who apply for a driving license for large or medium-sized passenger trucks outside their place of residence, the applicant can take the “one-pass test” by presenting his/her resident id card without submitting proof of residence.The second is to restore the driving qualification test “cross-province can do”.For those whose driving license has not been renewed for less than two years after the expiration of its term, the applicant can apply to any place in the country to take the subject I test, so as to restore their driving qualification and better meet the needs of the masses to take the test and renew their license in other places.Third, we will optimize the content and items of the driving license test.To hold a small automatic car driving license to drive other small cars, or hold a motorcycle driving license to drive other types of motorcycles, only test subjects 2 and 3, optimize the test procedures.Fourth, the new light traction trailer quasi – driving type.New quasi-driving type “light traction trailer”, allow to drive small car train, better meet the needs of the masses to drive rv travel, promote the development of new formats of rv tourism.Two new measures to reduce the number of permits for convenient services will be implemented from April 1.Namely, electronic application information and records.It implements electronic collection of application materials, electronic management of files, online transfer of driver test information, and realizes “reducing links, reducing materials, and reducing time limit” in handling traffic management business.Information sharing and verification will be carried out online.Information networking with medical institutions and other departments, sharing physical examination and other information, the masses are exempted from submitting relevant certificates when handling business.The revision of the department regulations, adhere to the prevention of risks and safety, strict safety access management of large and medium-sized passenger and truck drivers, prevent road traffic accidents from the source, to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Strict application conditions, will be banned from driving large and medium-sized passenger trucks from three to seven circumstances, the addition of toxic driving, drunk driving again, dangerous driving and other crimes, are prohibited to apply for driving.Strict full score learning, for large and medium-sized passenger and truck drivers who remember 12 points, strict full score learning and test requirements, increase learning time, improve the difficulty of the test, strengthen key management.In order to further improve the road traffic illegal score management, separately formulated the “Road traffic safety illegal behavior score management Method”, the new method will be formally implemented from April 1, the new method adhere to the principle of combining mercy with severity, strengthening education guidance, the current score management system of Our country has been systematically adjusted.One is to optimize and adjust the score score value.According to the seriousness of the traffic violation, five points including 12 points, 9 points, 6 points, 3 points and 1 point will be scored at one time.Under the premise of maintaining the management strength of illegal behaviors that seriously interfere with traffic safety, such as drunk driving, escaping from traffic accident and causing casualties, and using forged and altered license plates, it reduced the score value of some traffic illegal behaviors and deleted the traffic illegal behaviors such as driving without placing inspection marks and insurance marks.Those who are given a warning for minor traffic violations shall be exempted from scoring.In the new method: a record of 12 points of illegal behavior 7 categories, a record of 9 points of illegal behavior 7 categories, a record of 6 points of 11 categories, a record of 3 points of 15 categories, a record of 1 points of 10 categories.Second, the nationwide implementation of the study law reduction measures.For those who participate in the study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge and pass the examination, or participate in the traffic safety public welfare activities organized by the public security traffic control department and meet the conditions for the deduction of points, the points can be deducted from the accumulated points, and the maximum 6 points can be deducted within a scoring period.Third, adjust the full score study examination system.For those who have repeatedly scored 12 points, the study time will be extended, the learning content will be increased, and the test subjects will be added. The education and management of drivers who have repeatedly violated the law will be strengthened, and drivers will be urged to strictly abide by laws and regulations and drive safely.Two administrative rules in order to ensure the smooth implementation, deployment of the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen the organization, to develop specific work plan, organization revised form a complete set of work norms and technical standards, to guide the local public security traffic administration information system upgrade, and upgrading the hardware, the system process adjustment, policy stable cross training implementation, strengthen the supervision and inspection, pay special attention to the implementation,We will ensure precise implementation, strict implementation and effective results.Source/Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau