Inner Mongolia continues to push forward the action of doubling new energy resources

2022-04-29 0 By

The latest data show that in 2021, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will make smooth progress in the new energy doubling campaign, with the construction and approval of wind and photovoltaic power generation exceeding 40 million kW, including over 10 million kW of government-subsidized grid connection, and the renewable energy generation increasing by 27%.To develop a modern energy economy, The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has made coordinated efforts to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, vigorously developed photovoltaic and wind power, increased the capacity to absorb new energy, and increased the proportion of installed new energy and electricity generation.To promote the optimization of production layout, wind power and photovoltaic power stations should be arranged in sandy desert areas, coal mining subsidence areas and open soil drainage areas while the wind power and photovoltaic projects in the core grassland areas should be withdrawn.At present, the installed capacity of new energy in Inner Mongolia exceeds 50 million kilowatts, and more than one-third of the installed capacity and more than one-fifth of the total electricity consumption in the region come from new energy.Compared with the same amount of thermal power generation, the total emission reduction of new energy generation is equivalent to afforestation of 180,000 hectares.More than 3 million kw of ecological photovoltaic power has been installed, deserts have been harnessing, and the mining area has exceeded 200,000 mu.Inner Mongolia recently issued the implementation plan of high-quality development of new energy equipment manufacturing industry, during the “14th five-year plan”, the output value of new energy equipment manufacturing industry reached more than 100 billion yuan.Among them, wind power equipment, moderate development of wind power machine manufacturing, focusing on the development of blades, generators, speed machines and other core components.In terms of photovoltaic power generation equipment, polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon enterprises are encouraged to extend the industrial chain, develop downstream cells and battery modules, and cultivate the whole industrial chain of photovoltaic manufacturing.In terms of hydrogen energy equipment, it focuses on the development of equipment manufacturing such as hydrogen production equipment from electrolytic water, purification equipment from industrial by-product hydrogen, hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, and hydrogen fuel cells.”We will take solid steps to multiply new energy and expand the cluster of hydrogen storage industry.”Wang Lixia, chairwoman of The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said it aims to add 20 million kilowatts of new energy to the grid by 2022, and raise the proportion of installed renewable energy to more than 40 percent.Source: Inner Mongolia Daily editor: Hu Mengying Editor: Zhao Zongjie Final: Li Enguang Chief supervisor: Zhao Huiru