Is the salary cap in Chinese football limited only to high-level players?

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Is the salary cap in Chinese football limited only to high-level players?Why Chinese women’s football team only get a few thousand monthly salary in January, but “hold their heads high.The most satisfying thing for Chinese football fans this Spring Festival is that The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup and stood on the top of Asia once again after many years. However, compared with the Chinese men’s football team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam on the first day of the year, it added to the heart of Chinese football fans.”You are also the National football team, and all your family are national football team members.” Such sarcastic words are very explicit, but they are not enough to relieve the anger.Let’s talk about the annual salary of men’s and women’s national football players. Take a person for example, let’s take Dai Weijun, 22, who just made his debut for men’s football this year.Dai Weijun plays for Shenzhen and is worth 700,000 euros.That’s about 5 million RMB.Not to mention other bonuses.Let’s take zhang Linyan, 21, of Guangzhou, who came off the bench and scored the crucial goal in the final.Perhaps the income of a year is only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.Why are you so far behind in your early 20s?This has us scratching our heads.Why is it the same thing with football, men with new tops and fancy cars and mansions and all that advertising.And women’s football only deserve to take strength to speak??There are many problems in Chinese football, how can the Football Association solve this problem? Why the salary ratio of male and female football teams is so uncoordinated? This should be related to some policies of the football Association.Some people may say that we men have wives and children, our parents and children, we have to buy a house and a car, and we have a big family to support.But in the other half of the men’s soccer team, which one is unemployed, is too poor to make ends meet, there are many women soccer players’ families to sell iron for their children to play, this is not enough to explain the problem.This is the Chinese football Association should solve and should give us an account of the matter, rather than blindly spend a lot of money to get the so-called naturalized players.A few days ago, some netizens posted a video of a female soccer team mate’s software showing his abdominal muscles, which can be said to form a sharp contrast with the figure of the men’s soccer team, which also makes us ask why you get such a high annual salary?Chinese football needs reform, and we need to give our fans a statement. Chinese Football Association has successively introduced the policy of salary cap for naturalized players and various high-tech players since 2017. I have to say that the overall strength of naturalized players really belongs to the high-level ranks in Asia, but is this Chinese football?Wow jiang guang is so stable, on a deeper level Chinese don’t even have a central defender?Alain lo guofu one Europa League golden boot one Chinese Super League and Chinese First golden boot, Aixen Chinese Super League golden boot best scorer.Why not spend the money on youth training and overseas study? Son Heung-min, one of the best players in Asia, also trained in Germany as a child and is now a world-class player. It shows that The physical fitness of Asian players can be improved through training.I think it’s better to get the youth training out of the way than to do all this pompous stuff.