Jiangxi Isuzu shepherd ranger price 181,800 yuan from enjoy two years of interest-free discount welcome to taste

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Jiangxi Isuzu autumn and winter warm heart car subsidies, help create wealth, perfect, waiting for you to participate!6 diesel version of the classic Ruimar enjoy 666 to 3666 cash promotion +2 years of interest free +3000 yuan for purchase policy!2, the new D-Max can test drive, enjoy 3000 yuan replacement subsidy, two years interest-free!3, the country six bell tuo two drive 3000 to 6000, four drive 3000 to 10000, another two years interest-free!Shepherd Ranger enjoy two years of interest-free discount, welcome to visit the appreciation!5, Yifang country six light truck EC whole department to pay 3000 to 10000!6, Yifang country six light truck ES all series limited time discount 3000 yuan!Address: Banan District Yu South shunting Road no. 20, interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy.The event will run from March 15, 2022 to March 17, 2022