Lanshi University strength, let’s have a look

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Founded in 1985, Ranshit University is a comprehensive private university in Thailand. In 2007, ranshit University became one of the universities recommended by the Ministry of Education of China for students planning to study in Thailand.The school has been supported by Princess Siriinthong of Thailand, who visited the school three times.The university offers 95 undergraduate, 34 master’s and 9 doctorate degrees, making it the university with the most specialties in Thailand.With more than 30,000 students, it is by far the largest private university in Thailand.In terms of teaching staff, senior personnel in Thailand’s foreign affairs, education, justice, tourism, military and other fields are gathered in the university and college leaders.For example, the former Deputy Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand serves as the vice president of External Affairs, the General of the Thai Air Force and the King’s Personal Pilot serves as the dean of aviation College, the former president of Chiang Mai University of Thailand serves as the dean of Tourism Service College, the former deputy leader of the Thai Party and the vice President of Thammasat University serves as the dean of Political Science College, etc.The university is located near don Muang International Airport, which is a middle-class community in Bangkok. It is surrounded by villas and golf courses, with fresh air, elegant environment, convenient living and complete supporting facilities.International students and Local students study and exchange in the same campus.Rancho University is the largest private university in the world.The school has more than 25,000 students (as of 2017).It is a private university in Thailand with the largest number of specialties and degree awarding points among universities in Thailand. Its comprehensive strength and influence have ranked first for many consecutive years, and it has been rated “excellent” in the teaching quality evaluation of Thailand Higher Education Commission for many consecutive years.Some majors are among the best.The professional strength of mass media, stomatology, art design and civil aviation flight ranks among the top among Thai universities.There are many alumni.By the end of 2017, there are more than 40 Thai first-line film stars who have graduated or are studying, such as Tina Litina (once treated in RFG Thai Hospital affiliated to Everkey), Nedech, Mai Davika and Mark.It has many affiliated schools.The school has set up a bilingual teaching experimental school in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, covering kindergarten to senior high school, among which phuket British International School is one of the best international schools in Southeast Asia.Langshi University will teach students in Chinese. There is no language requirement for admission to courses taught in English or Chinese.Language requirements for admission to undergraduate courses taught in English: 1. Ielts 5.O.Or above;2. Toefl (IBT) 59,173 (CBT), 500 (PBT) or above;3.RIC English Level Examination: 60 or above (CEFR B2 or above) and interview by academic Committee;If the student does not meet the above language requirements, he/she will be required to attend the LAN Shi University English Proficiency Improvement Program upon admission.The English Proficiency Improvement program is divided into two main categories: the first category is students with English Test level A (test score 10-40).Lanshi University English intensive 400 hours, British English intensive 90 hours (including tuition, round-trip international air tickets, accommodation), undergraduate students can enjoy 1 semester overseas exchange student study (including the third party national tuition), senior students can choose 3+1 double degree program.The total cost of this project is 379,000 baht, about 75,800 RMB, which will be paid in the first semester.The second category, English test grade B (test score 40-60) students.Lanshi University English intensive 230 hours, British English intensive 90 hours (including tuition, round-trip international air tickets, accommodation), undergraduate students can enjoy 1 semester overseas exchange student study (including the tuition of a third party), 1 week international study tour, 2 practical courses free registration, senior can choose 3+1 double degree program.The cost of this project is 379,000 baht, about 75,800 RMB, which will be paid in the first semester.1. Bachelor’s Degree: senior high school graduates (including vocational high schools of technical secondary schools) or senior two examination, interview is required.2. Master: Bachelor degree, no limitation on professional background.Other requirements: If you do not have English score, if the school offers preparatory language, you can attend the training, and then take the entrance examination.1. Business Administration and International Trade major, approximately 183,000 RMB 2.Art Design (product design direction) 770,000 baht ≈ 180,000 RMB 3.International business 513,800 baht ≈ 120,000 RMB 4. Mass media 513,800 baht ≈ 120,000 RMB 5.Tourism and Hotel management 513,800 baht ≈ 120,000 RMB 6. International Accounting 487,500 Baht ≈ 113,000 RMB Overall, tuition fees for four years range from 120,000 to 180,000, depending on the required major.Master (2 years total tuition) 1. Business Administration (MBA) 114,000 RMB 2.Art Design (MFA) 120,000 RMB 3. Logistics management 120,000 RMB 4.Civil engineering 122,000 RMB 5. Electronic Engineering 122,000 RMB living expenses 1.The school usually has student dormitory and apartment, students can choose, student dormitory is mandatory, almost every month at about 1000 yuan.3. Meals in the school canteen, three meals a day, 400 to 750 yuan.If dining out, relatively more expensive than the canteen, but still acceptable range, because Thailand’s prices are not very high.