Beijing hosts 8,266 cultural events to celebrate The Winter Olympics and Spring Festival

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With less than 10 days to go before the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the city culture of the Winter Olympics has also ushered in a peak period of heat.The reporter learned from the Beijing City Cultural activity group office of the Winter Olympics, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau, the activity group includes 51 members of the urban two levels of the organization and planning of all kinds of offline, online urban cultural activities 659, 11,600, has been completed 3,318.From January to March, 538 events and 8,266 events will be held.The Cultural Square for the Winter Olympics, an important part of the city’s cultural activities during the Games, will be put into operation from February 4.Until the end of the Winter Paralympics, citizens will be welcomed with a variety of activities every day.It is reported that the construction of yanqing District Beijing Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center cultural square, Chaoyang District Osenqi Park cultural square, Tongzhou District Canal cultural square, Pinggu District Museum cultural square, Miyun District Caijiwa Rose garden cultural square and other 16 winter Olympics cultural square.The cultural Square for the Winter Olympics will begin trial operation on January 1, 2022, and will be officially operational from February 4 until the end of the Winter Paralympics.The layout of the Cultural square highlights the characteristics of the Winter Olympics.Square design uses uniform color standards, with blue, Snow White as the main color.”Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Cultural Square” is marked in a prominent position, and large three-dimensional mascots bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong are set up.At the same time, the center stage is rich in artistic performances.Each square has a central stage, and there will be two artistic performances every day, a total of 1,008 performances.Compared with the Winter Olympics Cultural Square, the Winter Olympics demonstration facilities are closer to the public and easier to participate in activities.Reporters learned that the construction of the city’s Winter Olympics demonstration facilities 91, including communities, villages, public libraries, cultural centers, museums, theaters.The main color of facilities decoration is blue and white. Mascots, landscape sketches and winter Olympics knowledge promotion boards are set up to disseminate the charm of the Winter Olympics.It is reported that the Capital Library and the Capital Institute of Physical Education will jointly build the Olympic Library and hold the “Ice and Snow Winter Olympics” digital reading experience exhibition.Shijingshan District Guangning Street Winter Olympics community started the second ice and snow sports season.A series of activities including Winter Olympics English training, winter Olympics children’s hand-copied newspaper and cultural collection will be carried out in the southern community of Granshan Phase ii, Yulin Street, Yanqing District.In addition, Haidian District also organized “Winter Olympics experience into the community” activities, through singing and dancing performances, fun sports experience and other forms, so that citizens feel the fun of ice and snow sports at home.A total of 423 performances and 6,722 performances were staged on the center stage of each theater to perform the Winter Olympic-themed literary works and performances, which also became one of the highlights of the city’s cultural activities.In terms of literary and artistic works, the Municipal Administration of Radio, Film and Television will premiere documentary “About winter”, broadcast TV series “Winter Olympics Family”, “The Name of snow and Ice” and radio drama “Return to wild Goose”, and the performance group will create children’s drama “Bing Dwen Dun Snow Rong Rong Snow Dream” and other literary and artistic works.Winter Olympic-themed performances are also coming.The Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will organize Beijing Peking Opera Theater, North Kunqu Opera Theater and Beijing Symphony Orchestra to hold a series of Peking Opera performances, a Kunqu opera concert for the future and a concert for the Winter Olympics.City federation of Literary and Art held “Sing the Olympics” original songs concert.Not only that, each area is also active layout.Daxing District held the fifth “Colorful Daxing Charm Bloom” mass cultural fashion season of “Jingcai Daxing Helps Dream Ice and Snow”.In addition, shunyi district held the 29th “February Chinese New Year” cultural activity launching ceremony and fine art performance.Pinggu district held “flying dreams with the Olympics” performance.Miyun district held the Winter Olympics theme opera week.In addition, it is worth mentioning that from January to March, 423 sets of 6,722 performances, including drama, Peking Opera, dance drama, children’s drama, acrobatics, magic, crosstalk and concert, will be staged in various theaters.Not only can make the adults relax the nervous mood on weekdays, the children can also spend a happy winter vacation.The Winter Olympic Games coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. The Winter Olympic culture is integrated with the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and the colorful urban cultural activities highlight the unique charm of Beijing’s urban culture.The reporter learned that various cultural activities involve performances benefiting the people, ice and snow experience, community activities, intangible cultural heritage display, mass competitions, winter Olympics knowledge lectures, thematic exhibitions and many other forms.Among them, the Municipal Education Commission will hold Beijing Primary and secondary school students Winter Olympics knowledge competition;The Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will hold the “Meet in Beijing” Olympic Cultural Festival Beijing Culture Week;Municipal Sports Bureau held the 8th Beijing Citizens Happy Ice and Snow Season series activities;The municipal Park Management Center will hold the 2022 Winter Olympics winter Ice and snow Season in municipal parks.Not only the elements of the Winter Olympics gradually enriched, for the Spring Festival Lantern Festival folk activities, the relevant departments are also actively doing the layout.The municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will organize the municipal cultural center to carry out the cultural volunteer service activity of “Send blessings home to my family Spring Festival couplets I will write”.The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions carried out the “Beijing New Year together to the future” Spring Festival warm activities.Dongcheng District held the Ditan Culture Square temple fair to celebrate the Winter Olympics.Mentougou district held “qing Winter Olympics pray for peace” Qianjuntai, zhuanghu walk activities.In addition, not long ago, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism also released 10 “Walking in Beijing × Internet celebrities hit the card – The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival tide To visit Beijing tourism routes”, for the Beijing New Year residents and tourists to provide travel guide.Beijing second foreign languages institute of tourism science and the director of the institute hui-min gu said, “this year’s Beijing Olympics coincided with China’s traditional holiday during the Spring Festival, the winter can put the Olympic spirit culture introduced to China, the Chinese people more involved, and the Spring Festival is a good way to show the Chinese excellent traditional culture, to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries,Let the world know more about China’s history and culture.”(Guan Zichen, Wu Qiyun)