Can’t drink unfinished bottled water after sitting in a car in the sun increase your risk of cancer?

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In order to ensure the daily amount of drinking water, also in order to quench thirst, drivers often prepare some bottled water in the car, in case of thirsty in transit happen, bottled water is convenient to carry and convenient to drink, but some people in the case of not thirsty, simply couldn’t remember to drink water, can lead to a bottle of water to drink up, have not finished and can’t just throw it away.Most of them will be left in the car for drinking next time, which is very common. However, there are repeated claims that the unfinished water put in the car after exposure to the sun, can not continue to drink, which increases the risk of cancer.After this kind of statement appeared, it also caused panic. Modern people are relatively concerned about their health, and if a small amount of bottled water affects their health, they will think it is not worth it.So, not finished bottled water in the car, after exposure to the sun to drink, can still drink?Does it cause cancer?The claim was first made in an email from the United States, which suggested that when bottled water is exposed to the sun, the heat produced by the sun reacts with the plastic used to make the water, which could increase the risk of cancer.The main concern is that plasticizers contained in plastic raw materials may cause cancer once they interact with heat and come into contact with the body.Zhao Feihong, director of the Drinking Water Research Institute of Public Health in Beijing, said he put unfinished bottled water in the sun, drank it and tested it. He found that the water did taste a little plastic, but no plasticizer was detected, meaning there was no risk of cancer.And, after a survey found that the market supply of bottled water, materials, production of is polyethylene terephthalate material, does not contain plasticizers, within the environment of 100 ℃, the material will not happen chemical reaction, bottled water kept in the car after the temperature is not reached, also won’t produce chemicals, will not cause cancer.However, Director Zhao Feihong also gave more sincere advice, that is, it is not recommended to drink bottled water placed in the car after opening, especially bottled drinks, after opening the lid, continued to be placed for more than 24 hours, will lead to the drink or water bacteria breeding too much, drinking such water for a long time, will have adverse effects on human health.Therefore, for the sake of health, no matter what kind of bottled water, drink it immediately after opening the lid.For drinking water, one kind of water is really not recommended to drink often, it does have the risk of cancer.This kind of water is above 65℃ water if it is in foreign countries, there are really not many people like to drink this kind of water, but in China, there are a lot of people like to drink it, mainly influenced by traditional ideas, always hear the older generation of people say that rice should be eaten while hot, water should also be drunk while hot, cold is not healthy.Often in the ear chanting, this view is deeply rooted in the heart, coupled with the habit of drinking hot water, it is not willing to drink warm water.But don’t know this old ideas, how big is the harm to health, often drink the water more than 65 ℃, oral mucosa and mucosa of the esophagus and gastric mucosa, would be a long-term injury, it indicates the damage cannot be repaired in time, and it is gradually getting worse damage, after the mucosa severely damaged, will not be able to fully protect the mouth, esophagus and stomach health, it is easy to produce,Induce related cancers.This is not an alarmist, water above 65℃ has long been known as carcinogenic water.Cancer is conditional, of course, to achieve a certain intake, will cause cells to become cancerous, if you are not often drink, do not use tension, what need reminds is here who love drink the water, to minimize the frequency, if has formed habit, suggested that gradually correct, don’t wait for a problem appeared to regret again.Reminder, often drink hot water or eat hot food, a period of time will always be oral cavity ulcer, and ulcer recovery is slow, or unable to return to normal, more dim sum, which is in oral convey to you a signal, the oral mucosa was badly damaged, need to check in time, lest produce more serious problems.Water is a thing in the entrance, and it plays an important role in the human body, so more and more people pay attention to healthy drinking water. When hearing various statements about water, they will have worries. Fear is true, and sometimes they will believe it if they do not identify it.Health awareness is good, but sometimes too much stress is bad for your health.However, it is not recommended to drink bottled water that has been opened for a long time. It may involve bacteria, so you do not want to cause problems to your body. It is better to drink less bottled water after opening the lid.References: 1. “Bottled Water in Your Car is Undrinkable?”· Health Times · may, 2015, 222. Attention: Don’t drink hot Drinks over 65℃ · Health Times · June, 24, 2016