Kevin Durant, why did he post about demar derozan?The fans gave the answer, and the game was decided

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Kevin Durant, why did he post about demar derozan?The fans gave the answer, and the game was decided.Netizens hot discussion pointed out: derozan proved that the previous basketball level is low, derozan’s shooting percentage this season to beat Jordan, can be said to be a high version of Jordan!But derozan’s personal strength is not in the top five!If Jordan were here, he wouldn’t be in the top 10.Demar derozan could kill in today’s HAIRY NBA arena with just a single shot. Can you imagine Michael Jordan as the first shooter in history and his kaleidoscope of skills in today’s arena?Previous games, poor skills, a bunch of people in the basket, there was no man guarding the SHOT!Jordan was punctual when there was no man defense, and derozan is different!The three-point rain game is much less enjoyable to watch, with no confrontation, no technique, and no coordinated backdrops.Look at the first 30 minutes of rookie game 1, the 3-point shooting was horrible.Popovich is a good coach, but he didn’t use Lamarcus Aldridge and demar derozan.Aldridge has been playing at the 4, and a lot of times Popovich made adriano play at the 5, which was pretty uncomfortable.Derozan has played the 1/2 position since the Start of Toronto.In SAN Antonio, you had to play the 3, sometimes the 4, and it just didn’t work out. In Chicago, you learned how to play and came back like a duck to water.Compared to derozan, lebron is actually very good.Not when Lebron broke through the backhand bar yesterday and pulled a layup on the baseline in the last game, nor did Durant organize a wonderful assist in tandem.Durant is nothing technology, durant cic three dead really few, James cic to beat the warriors, three points to beat the warriors, three points to beat the magic, to beat the pacers, cic to beat the celtics, beat the bulls, over the timberwolves, more are all dead, durant can count out a?In fact, Paul mostly needs to pick and roll to shoot range, unlike derozan and Durant’s technical characteristics.It’s the same way everyone says lebron is good, but they don’t say he’s good.In fact, under the rules, whether it is skill or body play, it is good to score and win together. Jordan, James, Duncan, SHAquille O ‘Neal and Yao Ming all share strength and skill.In fact, which aspects are important, light skill without strength will only be weak, playing smart ball.If only you have the body and no skills, you will only hate and make no progress.Now derozan is awesome, scoring so much that he can compete with a healthy Durant.Derozan is good, he’s getting better, he’s persistent, he’s a good player.Throwing is the king, is the absolute truth, now the ball did not have before the ornamental, now walk a few steps on a stroke, love can not enter.Let’s be honest, demar derozan’s shot is better than Durant’s this season.Durant because of teammate injury, a lot of ball to rely on their own strength, derozan at least teammates are in the system to play very comfortable.Postseason or not, derozan was a skill stream, and he was in the top three for the Raptors, and he wasn’t mature enough to peak at the time.The main way playoff games are decided is by the cic. Derozan wasn’t born at the right time.The shooting guards and small forwards need to rise, curry’s 3-point peak is over, but the ball won’t.Derozan is the King of singles in Jordan’s style, the Spurs have to make him a system player, constantly moving out of position, that’s why he can’t play.The Spurs are good-natured, treat the main force is open to tell you I want to rebuild, you go get a big contract, not say don’t you you go.The SPURS and The Mavericks have been the most right-thinking team in the NBA for the last 20 years or so.The spurs are not looking for success in rebuilding, azam is a waste of time there, must find a better team to move forward, the Spurs don’t need to keep Azam, delay his limited career.The spurs system is cooperation, Azan likes to play alone, the system is mixed up, the smoothness is gone, the bulls like key lock match.Demar derozan is a good player and a good man, but basketball is cruel. You can’t lead a team to a championship.Their own strength to break their doubts, let them regret it.Think about what the last two years have been saying: that CIC is the spurs’ double dud who can’t keep up with small ball.Are they now the most trusted and consistent scorers on the team? Have times changed?Now just slightly open up the rivalry ah, the intensity of the rivalry is far from reaching the Jordan period ah, the strength of the three-point shooter on the collective decline.The CIC is really out of date because it needs more technical support than the open threes and layups.What do you think about that?