The deceived woman outwitted the cheater

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After encountering telecom network bilk, the woman uses 8 months time and cheater to chat unexpectedly, let cheater fall in love with him slowly, success lets the other side return home from southeast Asia, fall into law net.Recently, jiangsu Province changshu city procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court sentenced wu to three years and six months in prison for fraud, and a fine of 5,000 yuan.In August 2020, Wang met a man surnamed Chen on a dating app.Chen claimed to work in a bank in Hong Kong, often to Wang, Wang slowly have a good impression of its.After chatting for half a month, Chen recommended an investment platform to Wang.Chen said that because of bank regulations, employees can not participate in investment and financial management, before they were their friends to help invest, and later they had a dispute with a friend, hope Wang to help them operate.Wang opened Chen sent to the financial website, input account, password login, found that Chen in the site’s investment rate of return is amazing.Chen enthusiastically recommended Wang to invest, and revealed that his uncle works in Hong Kong’s stock and foreign exchange investment department, there is inside information.So, Wang tried to top up 10,000 yuan in the financial website, and according to Chen’s instructions to operate, sure enough, every day in the money.Chen also told Wang that internal information shows that around September 15, 2020, they can not continue to invest money in the financial project, let Wang hurriedly additional investment.See Chen mou’s account has funds to remit continuously, add huge rate of return, the figure on the account has accumulated to 20 million yuan, Wang mou moved, to the bank to do the vehicle mortgage, and put in a sum of money.On September 13, 2020, Wang decided to cash the money in the financial platform in batches, but not only did the money not come out, the platform also reminded Wang that due to illegal operations, the account was frozen, need to pay 50,000 yuan security deposit.Wang immediately asked Chen what was going on, Chen said it should be his uncle secretly revealed the inside information was discovered, his account has also been frozen.Chen said he would pay the deposit in accordance with the requirements of unfreezing accounts, suggested wang also pay the deposit.Wang mou did not think much, according to the requirements of the 50 thousand yuan.When she applied for a withdrawal again with high expectations, she was told she had two more deposits to submit.Wang mou faint feeling this finance website may have a problem, to the police station after the alarm.In the time of a month, Wang was cheated more than 200 thousand yuan in total.After the police report, due to limited clues, the case did not make much progress.The police learned from Wang that Chen did not delete Wang in the chat tool, and instructed Wang to continue to deal with each other, taking the opportunity to get clues and evidence.After coming home, Wang Mou and the other side continue to chat on the net, but the other side is very vigilant, become without previous enthusiasm, not how to answer her, still many times prevarication Wang Mou’s inquiry, and said he is a cheater.Wang mou packaging life is very rich illusion, said to be cheated completely do not care, and constantly and each other close, two people also talked about the “net love”.Later, after nearly eight months, Wang finally let Chen relax his guard, Chen told Wang his real surname is Wu.When Wang tentatively asked Wu can come back to meet, Wu agreed.In early May 2021, Wu told Wang that he had returned to China.On May 15, 2021, Wu was caught by the police when he came to meet Wang after the quarantine ended.According to Wu mou account, in August 2020, the introduction, he smuggled to Southeast Asia to engage in fraud activities.In September of the same year, fraud Wang was successful, because he saw wang was beautiful, he was not willing to delete it, and then he gradually moved the truth, he returned to the domestic want to “rush now”.In September 2021, changshu City Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud to Wu mou prosecution.Recently, the court to Wu mou made the above judgment.Source: Procuratorial Daily