The first online Hangzhou Marathon in 35 years will start tomorrow!Number books, group running…Runners are a little bit more ritualistic

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From 5 o ‘clock tomorrow morning, the first “online Hangzhou Marathon” in hangzhou’s 35-year history will officially start.Last night, hangzhou online a marathon date, April 9-19 is online time, hangzhou horse RACES during this time, if you and your friends run, track, and at the west lake is the most beautiful passed the runway, perhaps seemingly ordinary they are running a marathon, oneself a person’s hangzhou remember to 1 come on!The first online full marathon in hangzhou history can be divided into four times. This is the most special Hangzhou Marathon in 35 years.One month ago, the official wechat of Hangzhou Marathon announced that it decided to cancel the 2021 Hangzhou Marathon (previously 2021 Hangzhou Marathon was postponed to March this year due to the epidemic situation). All successful runners can choose to participate in the 2021 Hangzhou Marathon online race and will be awarded the 2021 Hangzhou Marathon Commemorative plaque after finishing the race.The same hangma finishing medal, the same Hangma number book, the same size of 40,000 people (23,000 for full marathon, 10,000 for half marathon and 7,000 for healthy race), but the difference is that there is no Hangma army standing at the starting line with you, no starting gun, no closing time and no race place.Runners in online races can choose their own starting line and run their own track.What is more different is that in The “Hangzhou Marathon Online Rules”, it clearly indicates that participants who register for full and half marathons can upload their sports track for multiple times (no more than 4 times for full marathon and no more than 2 times for half marathon) within the specified race time, and the mileage of a single race is no less than 10km (less than 10km is invalid).This is also based on safety considerations, after all, online matches do not have as complete support teams and supplies as offline matches.Although it was quite different from the offline race in previous years, runners rushed to register as soon as the registration for this special Hangzhou Marathon opened, and the most popular half marathon group of 10,000 seats was filled early.CAI Chang, a wenzhou runner who is definitely a fan of Hangzhou Horse race, said that he signed up for the race “at the first time” : “The official channel opened at 9 am, and I finished the registration at 9:01 am.”Why do you have to run this race?Someone replied: “Many years later, I will say that there was once a hang Ma, which could be completed from home.That time, I ran away!”The ceremony of printing the number book and meeting each other at the starting line can be saved for two days. Runners have already taken action to prepare for this special Hangzhou Marathon.Wang Liming, a runner in Hangzhou, printed her own electronic biebook for the Race early, and there were two. “One was sealed for collection, and the other was pinned on my clothes,” she said.Wang Liming said that this will be her 12th marathon and her fourth Hangzhou Marathon. She registered for the online marathon and planned to complete it in different times.”My friend and I made an appointment to brush the rose line by the West Lake at 7 o ‘clock in the morning on April 9.I have two friends in Shaoxing who can’t come and run together, but we made an appointment to run together at the same time on that day.”CAI Chang, a runner of Wenzhou Yongjia, posted a banner picture of “Hangzhou Marathon under Qiaotou Lake” on his wechat moments. “The route we chose is right beside the Oujiang River, with beautiful scenery and good air,” he said.The running group he was in was very busy these days. Everyone was Posting his number book, so his friends decided to organize a small offline running and run together in a group.There are also plans to group hangzhou SAN Dun Lanli run group, banners, various supplies…Zhang Hua, the head of the team, said, “We tried our best to prepare for the Hangzhou Marathon. There were 38 runners in our group.”The offline race of Hangzhou Marathon has been cancelled, but the ceremonial sense of hangzhou-Horse race can not be less.Starting tomorrow, 40,000 runners will welcome the first online Hangzhou Marathon in 35 years in the most special way.So, are you ready?This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.