“Happy New Year” do not often contact, hope each other well

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Beijing, February 4 news (CCTV reporter Ren Mengyan) This is a somewhat sentimental and very warm story.Xiaohui died in a car accident in October 2020 in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. Her parents expressed their willingness to donate their only daughter’s organs, eventually donating liver and two kidneys, bringing new life to three people who had organ failure.According to the rules, donor families and recipients cannot know each other’s identity, but they have planted a strong attachment in their hearts, and they are sending their deepest wishes to each other in their own way.Special report “Happy Chinese New Year” launched this issue “Not often contact, wish each other well”.Aunt Hu, xiaohui’s mother: my daughter was in the hospital for more than 10 days, we think we can save her, let her save others.Ms. Ma’s daughter oda: I think my mother is very lucky, my mother’s life is very good, is a continuation of life.Jiujiang and Nanchang in Jiangxi province, more than 100 kilometers apart, two strange families are tightly bound together.In October 2020, Xiaohui, a citizen of Jiujiang, was suddenly hit by a car accident. After more than 10 days in hospital, she still lost hope.Xiao Hui’s mother, Hu Ayi, said that on October 19, the family made a difficult decision. Since they could not save Xiao Hui, they asked her to save others. “My son-in-law told me, ‘Mom, donate her eyes,’ and I said yes.Then I thought I’d donate all my organs, and if it works, I can’t save her, let her save someone else.”Xiaohui’s life was frozen in time when her liver and two kidneys were transplanted into three people with organ failure on October 20.Ms. Ma is xiaohui’s liver donor. She and her daughter have been living in Nanchang for many years, suffering from complications of cirrhosis for a long time. In the past few years, she has been in and out of hospital for many times, but her condition has developed to the point that a liver transplant is urgently needed.”My mother suddenly vomited blood one night in 2016. She was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with cirrhosis,” Oda said.At first, my mother would be hospitalized every six months, and then every month or two before the liver transplant.As cirrhosis is more serious, resulting in low hemoglobin, resulting in serious heart ischemia, from the bedroom to the bathroom this distance, walking panic.My whole family has basically been on the run with it.”After deciding to have a liver transplant, finding a matching organ source is a major problem.Liver size mismatch, family members temporarily back out…Between hope and disappointment, Ms. Ma’s family waited for four agonizing months.”I waited for four months, and there was notice in the middle, but it was hard to get a liver source, because there were few donors, some with mismatched blood type, some with mismatched liver size, and some individual family members didn’t agree.There were [donors], but nothing worked out until the hospital called on October 20. I think my mother was very lucky. She waited four months for a suitable blood type and a slightly larger liver and had the transplant.”Oda said.This is the second Spring Festival after Ms Ma’s operation. She has recovered well and is able to do housework and prepare dinner for the Spring Festival.”I was basically in bed and I could take care of myself, but I couldn’t do housework,” Oda said.At that time, not only the cirrhosis of the liver, but also the weakness of the heart, myocardial ischemia was very serious.After her liver transplant, her hemoglobin was normal and her heart was pumping again.When we went for a check-up, the doctor joked, ‘It’s better than normal liver function!’She can clean at home, she can go shopping, she can socialize, it’s much better than it was before.”Ms. Ma’s daughter, Oda, said the family had been thinking about the donor and trying to find an appropriate way to show their gratitude.But because of regulations, they couldn’t find out who the donor was. “I was afraid that if I disturbed them too much, it might trigger bad memories,” she said. “But I wanted them to know that we were grateful.”Even on a normal day, I think about it from time to time, feeling lucky and grateful.[Hopefully] give them some comfort, too, to be able to tell them that my mother’s life is doing really well.It’s a continuation of life for us and for them.”Then they came to zou Qun, the organ donation coordinator in Jiangxi Province, who had coordinated the transplants.Zou Qun has witnessed the connection of life between Xiaohui and her three recipients.In order to connect donor families within the legal limits, the local “Lian Si Letter Envoys” volunteer service was launched, said Zou, who serves as an organ donation coordinator and now acts as a “messenger” between the two sides.He told Ms. Ma’s family that the donor had a son in elementary school who loved to build Legos.”The liver transplant patient asked her daughter to contact me, saying that the Chinese New Year was coming, and her daughter had a child of the same age as the donor’s child. She asked the children if they had any favorite toys,” Zou said.The lego Monkey King from Oda in 2021 was a gift given to Xiaohui’s child by the recipient, Ms. Ma’s family, during last Spring Festival.”I asked her to send the toy to me, which I passed on to the donor’s child, because there was no direct communication between the two parties.The donor’s side also wrote a letter to talk to them [the donor family].”Zou Qun said.Xiao Tian learned from Zou Qun that the lego was finished in two days, and she wrote a diary, which made Xiao Hui’s mother Aunt Hu sigh: “I love it!I love it!The baby already loves lego and finished it in two days.Then we also take pictures and send them to the recipients.Later, the child wrote a diary, saying that his mother’s body was donated to others, and others bought lego for me.We hope that the body of our daughter survives well with them and we can rest assured that she still has something in this world.”Aunt Hu sent a message to Ms. Yang’s family. Aunt Hu also wrote a reply, which was forwarded to Ms. Ma through Zou Qun.Hu wrote, “I don’t know your name, but you carry the hope of our precious daughter.My family is very glad to hear that you are recovering well, because somehow we have something special to hold on to.We may not always be in touch, but we wish each other well.”This Spring Festival, Ms Ma’s daughter Oda bought a new gift for Xiaohui’s children — a Lego racing car.Yesterday evening, jiujiang Red Cross staff sent gifts to xiaohui’s son.The boy immediately unpacked it and began to assemble it.Xiao Hui’s son: I was very happy to receive your lego toys last year, and I received your lego toys again this year. Thank you, Aunt!I wish you good health, good luck and a happy family!Oda: At least we know that we are connected by this event, and we care about each other, and we both hope that the other’s family will become more harmonious and better.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com