In 2022, Qingzhen will implement soybean and corn strip compound planting of 10,000 mu

2022-05-01 0 By

On March 22, the author learned from the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Qingzhen that in 2022, the city will implement belt compound planting of soybean and corn in Xindian Town, Weicheng Town, Liwei Town and Anliu Town in a total of 10,000 mu, radiating to drive the city’s grain crop planting, ensuring full planting and full planting of cultivated land, improving the yield per unit area, helping farmers increase their income and promoting rural revitalization.It is understood that the project total investment of 2 million yuan, for the purchase of soybean and corn seeds, agricultural machinery, the implementation of unified seeds, unified technology, unified supervision “three unified”, the implementation of “stored grain in technology”.At the same time, through the implementation of soybean and corn strip compound planting project, promote the balanced development of soybean planting, summarize a batch of planting modes that can be copied, promoted and high efficiency, crack the restriction of cultivated land resources, promote the compatible and coordinated development of soybean and corn, and ensure the realization of the goal of basically no yield reduction of corn and an increase in soybean income.To this end, Qingzhen strictly implemented the requirements of the Notice on Printing and Distributing and Supporting Technical Programs issued by the Office of The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, implementing planting plots, clarifying implementation subjects, signing planting agreements, strengthening project management and highlighting guidance services.Since the implementation of the project, qingzhen Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the township (town) agricultural service center technical personnel in the village to the group to carry out the publicity work, but also in the field opened “open class”, introduced planting technology essentials.Through the implementation of the project, the popularization of interplanting of soybeans and corn in the project area, improve the level of land output efficiency, on the basis of stabilizing the original corn yield, fertilizer utilization rate increased by 20% ~ 30%, the average yield of soybeans per mu can increase by 100 kg, the total output of 1000 tons.This can not only increase farmers’ income, but also mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm to carry out farming activities, provide scientific and technological support for the development of mountainous agriculture and rural revitalization, thus reducing the problem of abandoned rural land, effectively controlling non-point source pollution, and achieving “three harvests” of economic, social and ecological benefits.(Photo/Man Yiu Ka Cheong)