LNG Transportation Common Sense

2022-05-01 0 By

Due to the higher volume ratio of natural gas and LNG, the liquid method is more efficient for the transportation and storage of natural gas.Therefore, various corresponding modes of transportation appear successively, and play a very important role in transportation.In the world, LNG is transported by ship, truck and rail.At present, LNG transportation in China mainly relies on car tankers and tank containers to transport LNG to the secondary market.The transnational LNG trade is developing rapidly all over the world. LNG ships are used for ocean transportation. After the natural gas is liquefied at the production site, it is sent to the LNG base factories of the importing country by LNG ships and stored in storage tanks at -162℃.Due to the low temperature, inflammable and explosive characteristics of LNG, LNG carriers are required to meet not only the general international standards in terms of materials, equipment and technology, but also the special requirements of international LNG and chemical shipment.LNG ship is the “three high” special ship with high technology, high reliability and high added value. It has concentrated advanced shipbuilding technology and is known as the pearl in the crown of world shipbuilding.LNG carriers are called “a floating offshore pipeline” by industry insiders, and the most important feature is the safety, reliability and stability of LNG transportation.