Tomorrow brother niu take you to find a job, Yang County 60 enterprises more than 1700 jobs for you to choose!

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Spring breeze warm you and I employment yun Run true feelings job hunting with post live number work 2022.2.4 (the fourth day of the first month) 10:00 drive 06 car 06D seat extra!Extra!The first live broadcast of ibis township with warmth coming!February 4 (the fourth day of the first month) 10:00 Hanzhong Shengxin electronic Technology Co., LTD. Yang County Baichuan textile company Shaanxi Hanzhong Shengda Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Shaanxi Qinyang Changsheng Wine Co., Ltd. and other 60 enterprises more than 1700 posts “job” waiting for you!Here are four companies introduced (in no particular order) in hanzhong city ShengXin electronic technology co., LTD., hanzhong ShengXin electronic technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2020, belong to the government investment enterprises, belonging to the fujian ShengXin electronics co., LTD., is a company specializing in the production of FFC flexible ribbon cable, electronic wire, signal lines and power cord.At present, the company has a high-standard production workshop, 8,000 square meters of workers’ living area, more than 80 sets of various production equipment, more than 150 employees, the average salary of the company employees reached 3800 yuan.The company’s development concept is “sheng stand in the letter, letter stand in the defense, policy stand in the group, xing stand in the force”.After two years of development, the products are widely used in monitors, TELEVISIONS, mobile phones, car systems, computers, printers and other electronic products, favored by domestic and foreign brands, production orders throughout the country.Yangxian Baichuan Textile Company was established in October 2020, affiliated to ningxia Textile Co., LTD., is the government investment enterprises, since the company was established, we uphold the “excellent quality of survival, noble reputation for development” production and management philosophy to serve customers.We have obtained long-term cooperative relations with more than 60 schools and kindergartens and other work units, providing bedding, clothing, curtains and other products. Our quality and service have been unanimously recognized by customers.Company production plant is located in Moziqiao Industrial Park, Yangxian County, mainly in the production of tooling, school uniforms, as well as curtains and bed products processing custom based, plant area of about 2000 square meters, there are four clothing production lines, recruit about 80- 150 employees, we are looking for the community management and technical personnel.Shaanxi Hanzhong Shengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces 6-16mm medium and high end wire control, Bluetooth headset speakers, is the only electronic products dust-free production workshop in Shaanxi Hanzhong area.After years of development, the company has a skilled R & D team, with a number of outstanding staff unity and endeavour.In the second half of 2018, we purchased 4 sets of full-automatic production lines for headset speaker sound film combination, 2 sets of full-automatic production lines for headset speaker sound film combination with true copper ring, and 2 sets of full-automatic high-end loudspeaker magnetic circuit combination machines, which greatly improved working efficiency, reduced bad loss and improved product quality.Products from a simple to diversified, has gradually become mature, is a trustworthy company with many high-quality employees and high-quality products.The company in good faith management, for the sake of customers in all directions, keep forging ahead, learning the business philosophy of excellent enterprises, continue to strive for continuous innovation, and strive for more partners, common prosperity.Shaanxi Qinyang Changsheng Wine Co., LTD., founded in 1956, is a joint-stock enterprise integrating the production and sales of white wine and yellow wine.It is an outstanding leading enterprise in the national food industry, a key leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization of Shaanxi Province, a leading enterprise in poverty alleviation in Shaanxi Province, a provincial industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise, and a provincial cultural assistance poverty alleviation demonstration unit. It is one of the key liquor enterprises in Shaanxi Province.The registered capital of the company is 50 million yuan, and the total assets of the company is 463.78 million yuan.The company covers an area of 230 mu, the staff 500 people, including professional and technical personnel 80 people, national first-level sommelier 8 person, national first-level winemaker 5 people, 2 senior food safety division, 19 people, food safety state evaluation of 2 people, review of 8) at the provincial level, with an annual output of 15000 tons of 6000 tons of white wine, rice wine production capacity.The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.The company’s technology center has been identified as the “fourteenth batch of provincial enterprise technology center” by five departments such as the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.Distance too far do not want to run as long as the wechat sweep!Freshly baked job information sheet more than a thousand positions into your arms!Live channel scan code participation talent priority — END — (Without permission shall not be reproduced in any way) source: Yangxian County Labor Service Bureau Yangxian Rong Media Center Editor: Zhang Xin Editor: He Long Editor-in-chief: Zhang Zhigang Supervised: Song Hao Mainstream public opinion front integrated service platform community information hub Yangxian released love Yang COUNTY APP