West Coast New District launches spring Rain Campaign

2022-05-01 0 By

Qingdao — On February 11th, Qingdao West Coast New District launched the “Spring Rain Action” of 2022 financial service real economy. Banks and enterprises that have reached cooperation intention signed centralized contracts and promoted the west Coast financial service platform.”Spring Rain Action” will carry out four thematic docking activities in different fields and segments: “Comprehensive docking of industrial enterprises”, “Precise docking of major projects”, “special docking of key fields” and “normal docking of small and micro enterprises”.At present, the first stage — financial docking industrial enterprises visit activity has begun, the district’s Boli Town, Changjiang Road street, Huangdao Street, Xin ‘an Street, Zhuhai street and Binhai street set up a new financial steward team, and on-site licensing.The “Spring Rain Action” financing service hotline 86989821 and the new District banks, insurance, securities, funds, local financial organizations service contacts and phone numbers were announced at the event site.Comb at the same time, also summarizes the national, provincial, municipal fit-out financial policy files, sorting the new financial institutions characteristic products, enterprises can WeChat scan “financial policy and financial product assembly” qr code available, also can through the west coast of the new city local financial regulator WeChat public, understand the latest development of finance.Source: Dazhong Daily