Zhang Yimou says space power at Winter Olympics opening ceremony ‘exceeded expectations’

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Wang Hailu High Shiqi Youth Daily · Youth network reporter Qiu Chenhui “I am responsible for wonderful, responsible for the success of space.””The technical installation runs smoothly and smoothly, exceeding the expectations and imagination of the director’s team.”Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, commented on the space science and technology team responsible for the opening ceremony.The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is a feast for the eyes.For hundreds of days and nights, the Winter Olympics special engineering team of The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) carefully designed and transformed one difficult idea, one graphic drawing and one cutting-edge technology into the stage.”The director is responsible for excellence, and we are responsible for safety and reliability, providing artists with a solid foundation and technical guarantee for artistic creation.”Said Li Minghua, party secretary of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.At the opening ceremony, the huge stage in the center of the Bird’s Nest and the huge floor screen shocked people.The stage system and the ground screen were constructed by 15 and 12 institutes of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology respectively.According to analyse the games are special project team leader, main stage mesa is full of LED screen, big screen area of 10000 square meters, is now built the world’s largest LED display, contains more than 40000 pieces of LED modules, can not only perfectly presented a variety of special effects, can also be combined with the virtual reality technology to use, subverts the traditional space structure performance stage.In addition, the stage table can also be changed into a multi-faceted convex screen, extending the picture, adding a sense of space, presenting a digital high-end performance visual effect.According to the person in charge, the stage engineering system equipment is completely under the calm “ice” — dozens of electric motors with rigid chains, wire ropes and pulley assemblies.Joined the space stage mechanical control system design, system product research and development of the digital simulation software and hardware equipment, the optimization design of control algorithm, and the hardware-in-the-loop simulation test experiment was carried out in the round, with its creative space people familiar with the quality of the management system of the combination, in the design phase) to recognize and avoid serious risks,Improve the reliability and security of the whole system.The number of staff for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is still more than 3,000, despite the severe downsizing due to bad weather and the epidemic.The head of the rocket Institute team said that thousands of posts cooperated and the command and communication system served as the “wisdom” center of the opening ceremony, realizing the information service of process command and scheduling and interconnection, and guaranteeing the video surveillance of key equipment in Bird’s Nest, Zhangjiakou, Yanqing and other places, making the on-site accusation more efficient and intelligent.In the large-scale performance, the intercom communication environment without impurities and interference is an important factor to ensure the success of the performance.The head of the rocket Institute team said that the team integrated the use of modern communication technology, network technology, power security technology, for the opening ceremony site each post communication to build a safe, stable, efficient and reliable contact information “bridge”.A good performance and ceremony can not be separated from a command center where the overall command can efficiently make decisions.Rocket Institute for the Winter Olympics operation command department, integrated to build a centralized information, coordination, reporting and decision-making center, to undertake the ceremony during the command, control and coordination tasks, the center can “perceive” the dynamic situation of each post, with the command and communication system, to give instructions.The ice waterfall standing on the side of the stage and the Wia system shuttling over the stage completed the performance effect display in the opening ceremony.The head of the rocket Institute team said that a series of engineering projects, such as lighting the torch and VR and video rendering room, are the embodiment of space quality control technology and space system engineering management methods.According to Li Minghua of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the stage system for the Winter Olympics has undergone nearly 1,000 ground tests, compared with nearly 100 before flight tests for ordinary rockets.Through a variety of subsystems and comprehensive tests, eliminate all unreliable factors, to achieve live performance “zero error”.Source: China Youth Daily client