A package of support for grain production and agricultural industry chain to welcome policy benefits

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have clarified key work and a package of support policies for grain production in 2022.Experts said that this will directly drive the enthusiasm of grain farmers, seed industry, planting industry, food processing industry, plant protection and other agricultural industry chain welcomed good.In 2022, the central government will implement a package of policies and measures, including subsidies, incentives and financial support, to support grain production.We will steadily implement subsidies to protect the fertility of cultivated land and grant one-time subsidies to grain farmers to mitigate the impact of rising prices of agricultural supplies.We will support the construction of 100 million hectares of high-standard cropland, expand the area under conservation tillage of black land, carry out actions to revitalize the seed industry, and implement subsidies for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, so as to increase overall grain production capacity.We will implement subsidies for corn and soybean producers and for rice, appropriately raise the minimum purchase prices for rice and wheat, and effectively protect farmers’ interests in growing grain.Clear policies to increase rewards for major grain-producing counties and motivate local governments to focus on agriculture.We will provide subsidies for corn and soybean strip composite planting to support the compatible development of soybeans and corn.We will support the development of non-government services, such as substituting farming and planting of grain and oilseeds, to save costs and increase efficiency.At the same time, we will support the establishment of a number of grain and oil industry parks and industrial clusters, and promote the integrated development of the grain and oil industry through production, processing, science and technology, and marketing.We will increase funding for disaster prevention, mitigation and relief in agriculture, support the prevention, control and control of major crop diseases and insect pests, and provide timely relief for wheat and major natural disasters in agriculture.In addition, we will strengthen financial and insurance policy support, increase the proportion of subsidies for grain planting insurance premiums in the central and western regions and northeast China, and ensure that all major grain-producing counties in major provinces are covered by insurance for the full cost of the three major grain crops and their planting income.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have urged local governments to do their best to ensure a bumper harvest of summer crops and wheat, do everything possible to expand the planting of soybeans and oilseeds, keep the price of agricultural supplies stable and ensure supply, and work tirelessly to prevent and mitigate disaster in agriculture, so as to stabilize the agricultural fundamentals and provide strong support for the steady and sound economic and social development.A number of subdivision fields benefit seed industry leading enterprises related person in charge in an interview with China Securities Journal reporters said that a package of policies are conducive to improving the enthusiasm of grain.The enthusiasm of farmers to improve grain, will enhance the demand for seeds, good listed companies involved in food planting business.Officials in Beidahuang, which sits on black land, said the policy was good for both businesses and farmers.If subsidies are given to enterprises, their enthusiasm will be greater and their benefits will be improved.If subsidies are given to farmers, their income will be higher, and their enthusiasm for farming will increase, and the value of their land will also be raised.Black land is a scarce resource. If these resources are well protected, the sustainability will be enhanced, and the product benefits will be good and the market recognition will be improved.Support for “to carry out the food oil DaiGeng DaiZhong and other social services”, national agricultural research center, deputy director of the China agricultural university, school of management professor Zhao Xia pointed out that encourage the development of social services, provide farmers plow, kind of, and service, farmers in farming can go out to work at the same time, the socialized service for scale operation costs are lower.Golden arowana related person in charge said that a package of policies to the grain and oil industry to bring real good.The integrated development of “production + processing + technology + marketing” is the strategy that the company has been promoting for a long time to improve efficiency and maximize economies of scale.As a large agricultural and food processing company, the company’s integrated enterprise group obtains optimal costs by sharing infrastructure, energy supply, logistics, management team, etc.At the same time, the integrated enterprise cluster mode gathers the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in one production base, and the finished products of one factory are the raw materials of another factory, thus reducing the overall logistics and inventory costs.In addition, China Securities Journal reporters learned from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province, Hubei province will strengthen the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and other favorable policies, to solve the problem of affordable agricultural machinery;We will increase subsidies for agricultural machinery operations and ensure that agricultural machinery is affordable.