His net worth has exceeded 100 million!Manchester United broke the bank for Rice!Reputation: Manchester United are worth it

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West ham winger Rice should be on the move this summer, Paul Merson has claimed, and united should be desperate to sign him if they break the bank.West ham boss David Moyes was quoted as saying last summer that he wanted rice at a minimum of £100m, but this summer the market is completely different and a number of teams are looking to bring in a central defender.Moyes’ comments suggest that rice’s price is set to soar again this summer, with reports suggesting he could fetch a staggering £150m.Estimates of the media mainly comes from the lower back of scarcity and the influence of British European policy off, registered permanent residence this getting England players already inflated than other league players worth 30 million pounds a year, in the market circumstances of registered permanent residence this getting players value higher, not lower, coupled with the premier league this season to allow the audience after admission,The economics of the Premier League have improved to a degree, and the premier League’s biggest players can afford to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on the summer window.Rice, who played for Chelsea at the academy, has been a Chelsea fan since he was a boy and his whole family, according to an interview with Gary Neville.If Chelsea were in contention, rice’s first choice would be Chelsea on equal terms.However, United also have their own advantages, Chelsea currently have jose Mourinho, Kante and kovacic three central midfield players, rice can improve Chelsea’s immediate quality but not in the role of urgently, Chelsea will be focused on the departure of Luedig.United have been short of central midfield players for several years and have been linked with a move for Rice for two years.Rice said he enjoyed the atmosphere at Old Trafford during united’s game against West Ham.Paul Merson believes united’s lack of a midfield player is the key to their bid for rice, even if they break the bank.United have always lacked the midfield dimension, and the last time they had a midfielder in their current first-team set-up was When Jose Mourinho brought in Fred, who was clearly not suited to the role of a single central midfielder.United are likely to be bleeding heavily this summer, nemanja matic is a year too old to play a week’s worth of matches, pogba’s contract is still in doubt and the summer could see them being left with only Michael And Fred available in midfield.In fact, Manchester united’s central midfield position has become united the most weak link, the united front has expensive sancho, top star player cristiano ronaldo, Manchester united in the backcourt with sky-high defender maguire, champion defender navarre, only Manchester united midfield only a not suitable for playing back waist pogba, Bruno fernandes.After sancho, Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo were brought in last summer, it was widely believed that united already had the right players up front and at the back, but needed to strengthen in midfield to become a team worthy of the title.Now, from all accounts, united’s main move this summer is to bring in a central midfielder, whether that is rice or not, we don’t know.But united’s signings are unlikely to go too well, because everyone knows they need a central midfield and they should be prepared to take a beating.