In a subtle way, the 0.11.0 version of World of Warships has been updated to make it more user-friendly

2022-05-02 0 By

World of Warships has always been a game that keeps pace with The Times. The 0.11.0 update recently added a number of changes to the game in addition to new gameplay activities, improving the operating system and ship modules to make it easier and more enjoyable to play.After testing the last version, many captains were happy with the performance and attributes of superships and wanted to use them in more gameplay modes.World of Warships heard the captain’s desire for superships and collected a lot of data on superships during ranked battles. With the 0.11.0 update, the captain can now hire superships in standard battles.The addition of superships makes the battlefields of standard battles more unpredictable, but since superships have not been officially added to the game, anyone who wants to join standard battles with superships must use either IX or X ships.With the bead jade in front of the platoon battle, I believe that the super warship to join the standard battle also has not common performance.In order to allow more captains to experience superships, the 0.11.0 version of the Armory came with a supership rental package, which allows captains to issue superships for 6 days and 100 coal.No hire qualified to super ships captain also don’t have to worry about super warships will break the balance, standard combat because officials will continue to follow the super battleships in standard usage in battle, and are said to be based on testing the super warships in the standard combat branch comprehensively consider the super warships as warships to join in the game.As the first version of the 2022 Spring Festival, 0.11.0 will certainly be a hard product, with asymmetric combat being one of the highlights.Asymmetric combat, as the name implies, is a differential battle. As we all know, it is difficult to have a balanced battle in real naval battles. Most of them are based on the number of battles and the strength of the weak.Asymmetric combat is inspired by real naval battles, and the inequality of combat is reflected in the game with asymmetric gameplay modes, so that everyone can experience the cruelty of war more truly.Just in time for Chinese New Year, world of Warships officials want the captains to celebrate.During The Spring Festival, the game opens the Spring Festival combat mission and hG-53 Convoy mission, where the captain gets rich rewards for completing the specified mission, Lunar New Year supply boxes, ship positions, limited number of camouflage and commemorative flags, and all the gifts you want are hidden in the combat mission.The armory also has a great holiday pack for everyone: Sejong and random pack, C cruiser random pack, Agincourt Grand Fleet pack, which not only contains new warships but also commander, camouflage, ship location and other resources.Many of the packages also have limited-time discounts, allowing captains to get their favorite ships and needed resources at a very low price.Lunar New Year holiday is a day of visiting relatives and friends, is also a good time to play, warships to the world, new captain now join warships to the world can also receive the battleship newcomer gift bag, not only can enjoy 14 days of senior account permissions given triple gold cruiser oleg and secondary COINS destroyer Smith, let you win at the starting line.Super value of welfare core gameplay, “World of Warships” is such a humanized game, you are still waiting for what, hurry to join “World of Warships” to fight together happy!