Look back 2021 cave opening: strong style tree fresh wind blowing clean wind

2022-05-02 0 By

“In the cave of this night like home, give the cadres of the cave of praise!”On December 26, 2021, a round of cold rain, snow and freezing weather hit the huaihua section of Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, causing traffic control and trapping 703 passengers.That night, dongkou county public security, transportation, emergency, business, medical and health departments and units of the staff acted quickly to properly settle all stranded passengers, won praise.In 2021, the Dongkou County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision thoroughly implemented the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, and constantly corrected the “four winds” and changed the style of work to effectively improve the satisfaction of the masses.The change of cadres’ style is in the eyes of the masses. In 2021, Dongkou ranked 56 places in the provincial poll ranking, ranking the fourth in the city.Visit stranded passengers and frontline staff.In order to promote the majority of party members and cadres to change their style of work and enhance their image, the Dongkou County Party Committee issued the construction of cadres’ style of work “nine strict”, to the county party members and cadres, public officials put forward clear requirements.County discipline inspection and supervision organs actively play the role of supervision and security, increase the intensity of open inspection and secret investigation, a total of 9 times a year to carry out the full coverage of cross inspection, found and urge rectification of 60 problems, found the problem clues 15, remind talk, criticism and education 54 people, urging cadres to take responsibility.Inspection team to the county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade duty station to carry out low-temperature rain and snow disaster prevention and response work supervision and inspection.”We will take strong measures against chronic malfeasance, such as banquet, drinking, card playing, and drunk-driving among Party members and public officials, and continue to reform our work style and improve government conduct with a zero-tolerance attitude, so as to invigorate officials.”The county commission for discipline inspection and supervision of the relevant person in charge, in 2021 the county to focus on party members and cadres and public officials eating and drinking problem special rectification, a total of 9 illegal eating and drinking problems, involving 47 people, including 15 people removed, adjust the post 2 people, registered 18 people.Since 2020, 88 Party officials and public officials have been seriously punished for drunk driving. Three have been criticized and educated, 85 have received party discipline and administrative punishment, and 20 of them have been dismissed.”Resolutely abandon the mentality of numbness and fluke, firmly control the ‘wine glass’, ‘dining table’ and ‘steering wheel’, and make sure that there is a moderation in heart and action.”In September 2021, Dongkou County held a conference to promote clean construction, and publicly reported 8 cases of illegal eating and drinking by public officials and 85 cases of drunk driving by public officials, which continued to release a strong signal that supervision is always present and determent is always present, and further awakened the awe of party members and cadres.”The Spring Festival is coming again. Please remember to be honest.The four-wind regulation is the right way, and the eight-point regulation must not be forgotten…”2022 Spring Festival on the eve of dongkou county to the county party and government send clean package “, “Spring Festival” head “, to make clean the holidays to remind animated video, a county officer sent clean reminder text messages and other activities, carrying out integrity education, taut festival “integrity, a string,” a good prevention “safety valve”, to create the thick atmosphere of integrity for the festival.”Improving the public’s satisfaction with the work style is our constant pursuit of supervision and discipline enforcement.”Dongkou county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the main person in charge said that the style of construction is the eternal theme of the party’s construction, the next step will continue to deepen the formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, extravagance of the wind special rectification, combing the masses around the pain points difficult problems, condensing cadres and groups of concentric planning “three areas one center” incorruptible power.