Luohe carried out activities to commemorate the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day

2022-05-02 0 By

On March 15th, with the theme of “Promoting fair consumption together”, the commemoration and publicity activity of the 2022 Luohe March 15th International Consumer Rights Day was held at the north gate of The Shenzhou Bird Garden in Yuanhui District.Three LED display screens and more than 40 promotional display boards were set up at the event site to display the new practices, new measures, new achievements made in the work of the market supervision department of Luohe in consumer rights protection, as well as the results of special law enforcement activities, consumer warnings, rights protection cases, etc.Image of the picture, detailed case shows the city’s market supervision department responsibility in the shoulder, the heart of the masses of a good image.On the same day, the market supervision department of Luohe also set up a consumer consulting desk, a right protection complaint desk, a comparison desk of true and false goods and other areas, by issuing publicity materials for consumer rights protection, answering the people’s consumer rights protection problems, explaining some hot commodities to distinguish true and false tips and other ways,Publicize the law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and interests and other laws and regulations as well as the knowledge of consumer rights protection to consumers on the spot.During the activity, we answered more than 110 consumer inquiries and accepted more than 40 consumer complaints. Currently, the complaint cases are under investigation and mediation.It is reported, 3 · 15 international consumer rights day mark during the campaign, luohe city have also developed special action to crack down on fake and shoddy, consumer education lecture hall, rest assured consumption observe series of activities, such as integrity, self-discipline, and strive to create enterprise people at ease, comfortable consumption environment, consumption to increase security, access to consumer and the feeling of happiness.