Make sure you leave!Beijing Shougang inside will be dissatisfied with Yanis, formal leave

2022-05-02 0 By

Hamilton, Beijing’s fourth foreign aid, will meet with the team in early February to prepare for the third phase of the tournament, according to basketball reporter Song Xiang.Beijing team finally has big foreign aid, Hamilton, Fan Ziming, Li Muhao, Qiu Tian, such internal configuration can be said to be the league top.It is understood that Beijing Shougang inside general Chang Lin is determined to leave the team in the window period, formally leave.Yanis focus on building the two-tower combination, this season received a good effect, Fan Ziming became the heart of the Beijing offense, not only can get 15.6 points 8.2 rebounds per game, but also can send 3.1 assists, medium and long range shooting efficiency is very high;Muhao Lee became the center of the defense, averaging 10.3 points and 5.7 rebounds per game.Chiutian has earned yanis’ trust this season, averaging 5 points and 2.8 rebounds in 13.4 minutes per game and shooting 55 percent from the field.Having the best season of his career!Qiu Tian play positive, full of energy, it is his outbreak, Yanis just abandoned chang Lin.The first stage and the second stage, Chang Lin a total of 2 times on stage, add up to less than 10 minutes, Chang Lin is very dissatisfied with yanis.Chang Lin and Yanis relationship has been more contradictory, Chang Lin likes to play four, have the ability to attack the ball, can throw three points, but Yanis resolutely does not allow Chang Lin to go out to throw, let him defense, rebound, become blue-collar, do dirty work.The original Beijing team inside no one, and the recent two seasons introduced Fan Ziming and Li Muhao, coupled with the growth of Qiu Tian, Chang Lin is now a little chance, after discussing with General manager Qin Xiaowen, decided to leave the Beijing team, to a real can play on the team, just Chang Lin is also in the contract year.Since entering the CBA in 2011, Chang Lin, who has excellent physical fitness, has not realized his talent. He has not been given any chance in the Beijing team and has not been reused.During his three seasons with Jiangsu, Chang became the top four and five in the CBA. Of course, Jiangsu was not strong, chang Lin had a lot of playing time and ball rights.Chang Lin is 33 years old. Do you think he can still get a contract in the CBA?