Ming Dynasty strange case: father-in-law framed his daughter-in-law unmarried first pregnant, the woman on the spot cesarean section of chastity of the body

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In the Xuande period of Ming Dynasty, there happened a shocking case of father-in-law framing his daughter-in-law.Father-in-law to break off marriage and buy steady old woman, county magistrate, etc., forcing daughter-in-law to take a knife stabbed to his stomach, in order to test the chastity of the body, bad behavior is a sigh!Daughter-in-law did not enter, was framed, father-in-law why so ruthless and merciless?We have to go back to the beginning of the whole thing.During xuande’s reign, the head of the CAI family in Shangyuan County, Yingtianfu, was named CAI Xingfang.CAI xingfang was an upright person, and he often cooked porridge and did good deeds, which was respected by the local people.However, lifelong good CAI Xingfang suffers however fate makes fun of, the wife because of dystocia, he asks the doctor to be helpless however, finally dystocia dies.CAI Xingfang in memory of his wife, daughter named with virtuous meaning “Tsuen”, the name for xinxiang.His wife had died, but the doctor’s wages were borrowed from usury, so he had to sell his property, quit his servants, leave a few old houses, and lead a poor life with his daughter.However, misfortunes never come singly. Xinxiang had just turned three years old when CAI xingfang died of an epidemic.Poor xinxiang lost her mother when she was born and her father when she was only three years old.Fortunately, grandmother picked up to raise, and teach its piano chess painting and calligraphy, meditation, so xinxiang although in a poor home, but speech and behavior to show scholarly family gas.In a twinkling of an eye, 13 years later, Xinxiang is already a 16-year-old tingting girl.In ancient times, 16 years old was the age to get married, but the Jiang family, who was engaged to Xinxiang, did not mention it.Originally, in Mrs CAI just pregnant, CAI is still rich, Jiang and CAI will give xinxiang ordered a baby, said if it is a daughter, will marry jiang in the future, and under the betrothal gift, delivered the token.But the world is hard to predict, CAI family fall, xinxiang become orphans, helpless, jiangjia not mind is impossible.Jiang’s family background was less than CAI’s, but coincides with the reign of Ren Xuan “, the prevailing wind of business, Jiang master because of business, a great deal, from then on a wealthy party.The Jiang family was rich, the CAI family was poor, the Jiang family looked down on the CAI family was common in that era.But when the matter of the children is settled, there is no annulment according to the law, except there be some grievous error.Retreat can not marry, but do not want to marry into the house, so had to drag.A girl of sixteen, at the time of her budding youth, has a strong love of beauty.One day, Xinxiang passed by a stall, saw a dazzling array of jewelry, heart.When she saw incense stop, the woman was overjoyed. She held it like fire.Full of beautiful things in eyes of jewelry, although let heart heart unceasingly, but the purse is shy, can only choose a pearl flower, this small thing is also very delicate, a golden phoenix carved very delicate.The price of the pearl flower price is still in the acceptable range, so full of joy to buy.Xinxiang put the pearl flower into the head, really very beautiful, so full of joy to go home.After returning home, grandmother also discovered the pearl flower on her head, after asking for a meal, she learned that granddaughter was cheated: the original woman is a well-known local rogue vixen, known as Wang Sister-in-law, specializing in selling some fake goods.The vermilion flower that xiang xiang wears on her head is not made of real gold and silver, but of iron inlaid with color.”Look it up. Is there anything missing?”Grandmother is very worried, after all, that Wang Sister-in-law is not clean hands and feet.Hearing this, she quickly checked her dressing box and found that a Hepu pearl bracelet was missing. It was a token of Jiang’s family, but now it was lost. She was very worried.Heart very anxious xinxiang ran to find Wang Sister-in-law, but the mouth of Wang Sister-in-law never lost, an opening is to curse, said xinxiang framed himself, even still not rao, took xinxiang to big guy review.Xinxiang, who had never seen such a battle, was too scared to speak, and finally broke free of Wang Sister-in-law’s hands and ran home in confusion.Xinxiang buried in grandmother’s arms crying, the other side is Jiang Sister-in-law out of thin air, ran to jiang home complaint.She said to Mrs Jiang, xinxiang is a narrow-minded woman, hands and feet are very unclean, and secretly back to the river “wearing a cuckold”, every day and a scholar tryst, also ask yourself to send love letters to the scholar.Lady Jiang smells speech, dubious, but this matter relates to his own son, instant feel heart sweet very lose appetite.In addition, the husband now spoil concubine, if his son married such a poor and shameless woman, the family property will be taken by the concubine’s son sooner or later.Then look for river home master to discuss this matter.Jiang master has long had the idea of breaking off marriage, because he met a big business in the business, this person has a daughter in the home, gentle and elegant, and his son is called perfect match.So the heart of a plan: a rake.A few days later, Jiang master sent gold sister-in-law into the hospital, two people are whispering what, I saw Wang Sister-in-law that ferocious face exposed a sinister smile.After a while, Wang Sister-in-law’s “friend” Jin Ma also came in, the three are plotting a big event: xin Xiang in the Jin Ma to buy flowers, and the scholar fell in love at first sight, each other ogling.In the beginning, I let Jin Ma send flowers and Wang Sister-in-law send love letters, but after a long time, I don’t come to them. I guess they have been together.Now Xinxiang has been pregnant for four months, because she is pregnant before marriage, so she dare not go out…After the three of them had passed, Master Jiang gave the matchmaker the gengtie and asked him to break off the marriage. He also gave two bags of things to Mother Jin and Sister-in-law Wang, who were very happy.The matchmaker came to CAI’s home, originally wanted to beat around the bush, but unexpectedly he gave away the game and exposed xinxiang’s “already pregnant”.Grandmother was furious, threw geng post, cursed jiang rich businessman coyote, to break off the marriage and framed the words of sweet.When the matchmaker saw CAI’s mother was furious and refused to accept the divorce, he had to say goodbye to CAI’s mother and went back to Jiang’s home to tell her.Now jiang jia is not before jiang jia, heard the decaying CAI mother to his abuse, from shame into anger, in a fit of anger will be accused to court.And invited Wang SAO, Jin Ma and other people as witnesses.CAI mother old, unable to go out of court, had to call xinxiang distant uncle accompanied.On the court, the jiang family put xinxiang and scholars, and has been pregnant grandly said out, a few people, and the magistrate does not listen to xinxiang’s defense, hurriedly called the staff charge Xinxiang, and agreed to the Jiang family.Xinxiang refused to accept, said to test in order to prove innocence, the magistrate had no choice but to come to test the steady woman.But, steady old woman and river home this is the same birds of a feather, conceal the fact that xinxiang is really pregnant in the body, and has been four months.Heartwood listened, then suddenly realized: these people had colluded!Xinxiang full face of injustice and anger, looking at those people to get away with the cunning smile and disdain eyes, Xinxiang angrily: “safe test, as the magistrate and the people personally test.””Then he took out a knife from his arms and stabbed it into his” pregnant four months “stomach. He pressed it hard, and the stomach split open more than a foot long. Nothing came out, but only the stomach followed.Sweet heart fell, but in the last moment of life still do not forget to say: please county magistrate adult and public body test.See heart sweet die tragically, everybody instant stupefy, slow lead god to come, it is you a word I a language, court above noisy.Distant uncle see niece die tragically, fly into a rage, then go to should tianfu drumming grievance, told grievance.Should tianfu Yin to send a Chinese coroner to inspection, found that incense had not been pregnant, they know the case is unjust, so on the spot the county magistrate, Jiang Fu business, Wang, Jin Ma and others down, re-opened the hall.See things big, the top to the people, the magistrate knows that can not hide, had to confess.It turned out that in order to break off the marriage, the rich merchant of that river, by hook or by crook, bribed Jin Ma, Wang Sister-in-law, and Steady woman with money, and bribed the magistrate with heavy money, deliberately put on a show.Originally just want to let xinxiang retreat, retreat the marriage, but but xinxiang temperament so strong, unexpectedly to death test body, this just alerted should tianfu.Jiang rich businessman, Wang Sister-in-law and others were sentenced to death, steady woman was arrested into the official slave.A “divorce case” get to the bottom at this point, the person such as jiang rich businessman got due retribution.But poor sweet heart, gentle and quiet woman, was framed by these villains, so that the great youth.