News breakfast: Jinan this central area demolition expropriation!Announcement of compensation Scheme

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The probability of precipitation is 35%. The south wind will turn to north wind level 3. The lowest temperature will be -7℃ in Jiyang District, Laiwu District, Gangcheng District, Shanghe County and Nanshan District, -3℃ in urban areas and other districts and counties, and the highest temperature will be about 5℃.Shandong: the weather is cloudy and sunny.The north wind will change to south force 3 ~ 4 in the Peninsula, and south force 2 ~ 3 in other areas.Minimum temperature: about -6℃ in the eastern part of northwest Shandong, the central mountainous area of Shandong and the inland area of the Peninsula, and about -4℃ in other areas.Recently, the Lixia District People’s Government of Jinan city plans to implement the Urban renewal project of The West district of Jinan Central Business District (Phase I), and expropriate the houses and accessories within the planning land scope of the project.Housing expropriation range: east to Shandong Institute of Political Science and Law – Yaojia North hillside – Yanxiangyuan, west to Erhuan East Road, south to Heping East Road, north to Gongye South Road.Specific house numbers are: No. 46 jiefang East Road, No. 48 (Licheng District Animal Husbandry Bureau dormitory and yard bungalow, Ducking Group dormitory), No. 58 (Qilu University of Technology), etc., and compensation methods include monetary compensation and property rights exchange.As of 24:00 on February 16, 2022, a total of 22.17 million novel coronavirus vaccines had been inoculated in Jinan, covering 8.827,900 people, and 8.6019 million people had completed the whole course of inoculation.The vaccination rate of people aged 3 years and above was 98.83%, and the full vaccination rate was 96.30%.In Jinan, 97.57 percent of the population aged 3-11, 104.38 percent of the population aged 12-17, 103.99 percent of the population aged 18-59, and 82.25 percent of the population aged over 60 were vaccinated.(Sun Miao, reporter of Shandong Business Daily, Sobao News) A man stepped on the eaves 36 meters high to save the girl who had committed suicide:Dying but I don’t regret recently, an avenue of heze 12th floor roof found a living, guardrail loose old, be subject to clutched empty air, juncture, residential property staff the Soviet in the absence of any protective measures, along the narrow eaves 36 meters from the ground near the living, embraced its safety and save.Su junhua said he felt scared afterwards, but he still had no regrets.Video (mountain) man snapped bouquet hurdles type rush to his girlfriend on February 16, Qingdao a wedding, the bride’s left hand gently holding flowers, only the flower met beams fell off, on the stage a few friends at a loss, a best man quickly picked up fell to the ground hand bouquet, hurdle quickly ran to the stage of his girlfriend, and the spoil to learn the ropes, kiss,Instantly dissolve the awkward landing of the bouquet, but also let the guests were caught off guard to “eat dog food.”The girlfriend who received the bouquet said: “I was lucky to receive the bouquet snatched by my boyfriend. I am the happiest person except the bride today.Netizen said: don’t say to step on stool, I was present at that time, step on me all right!On February 16, a man in Weifang, Shandong province, used the Heimlich method to rescue a cat from choking on a steamed bun after it slipped into a dormitory to eat a steamed bun.The cat is said to be fine after spitting out the steamed bun.(video) woman astern ceng tens of millions of Rolls-Royce, circle moment didn’t see an Oscar statuette converted thought it was on February 16, jining released a woman in the video, I saw a cool rolls Royce parked in the garage, the car parked next to another black, it is women’s astern “ceng” to the rolls Royce.The woman then explained that she was also confused when she got out of the car. She didn’t see the Rolls-Royce Oscar statuette and thought it was a modified car.And when the owner pressed the key, the winged Oscar came out.The woman said the owner gave the claim that a front bar was 120,000.(Star video) Morning read the world Winter Olympics speedreport congratulations!China’s Gu Ailing, Li Fanghui and Zhang Kexin have qualified for the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing finals at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Wu Meng has failed to qualify.Congratulations to the 3 Chinese players for qualifying for the halfpipe final!Chinese skier Kong Fanying competes in the women’s all-around downhill skiing event at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Feb 17, 2018.This winter Olympics, Kong fanying participated in all five alpine skiing events: downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super G and all-around.In addition, she will also participate in the mixed team project, a total of six games, is the current Winter Olympic Games in China to participate in one of the most athletes, can be called iron.(People’s Daily, CCTV News) Gu Ailing responded to which window was closed on February 17, Gu Ailing rode clean, fault first qualified for the final.After every game, she makes a whimsical face.When asked which window gu Ailing was closed?”A lot of people see my best moments,” she said. “I have my bad moments, and we enjoy them together, just like everyone else.”China National Women’s Basketball Team tested positive for nucleic acid seven more Chinese women’s basketball team members tested positive for nucleic acid on Feb. 14, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) said on Thursday.The Chinese Basketball Association immediately reported the situation to the Embassy in Serbia, and decided to set up a special hospital to provide timely treatment as needed.We urgently requested Beijing Youan Hospital to appoint 7 experts, including the president, vice president, director of medical Service, director of infection Department and director of infection control Department, to form a team to provide telemetry guidance and consultation services;The requirement of one nucleic acid test on the first, fourth, seventh and fourteenth days will be adjusted to one test every day.Ma Ming, a former member of the Communist Party of China’s Inner Mongolia People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes by the Zibo Intermediate People’s Court on Monday morning.The property and fruits derived from the distrained, sealed or frozen bribe shall be recovered and turned over to the State Treasury.From 2000 to 2019, the defendant Ming using matsubara municipal party committee of the standing committee, vice mayor of jilin province, jilin province party secretary, director of business hall, long-withering jilin province party secretary, vice governor of jilin province government party members, and public security department secretary of the party committee, director, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia autonomous region government, public security department, director of party secretary,The Inner Mongolia autonomous region party member of CPPCC, vice chairman of the advantage of his office, or use of its functions and powers, status of convenience, for others in the enterprise management, position adjustment and the handling of the case provide help, illegally accept to send goods by others, a total of more than 157.85 million yuan.Zibo City Intermediate People’s Court believes that the behavior of the defendant Ma Ming constitutes the crime of taking bribes, and the amount of bribery is particularly huge, the number of bribery, the time span is large, serious infringement on the integrity of the state staff duty behavior, bad influence;At the same time, Ma Ming can take the initiative to confess the fact that the handling organs have not yet mastered the fact of accepting bribes of 150.71 million yuan, confessing his guilt and repenting others constitute meritorious service, the stolen money and goods have all been recovered, with statutory and discretionary circumstances of a lighter punishment.Comprehensive consideration of the above crime facts, nature, circumstances and degree of harm to society, the court then made the above judgment.The DEPUTY director of the US Embassy in Russia, James Gorman, has been expelled from the country, according to the US Embassy in Moscow.According to Russian daily Izvestia, U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan entered the Russian Foreign Ministry and left about 15 minutes later without making any comment to the media.Gorman is a senior career diplomat responsible for “important aspects of U.S. -Russian relations,” according to the embassy’s official website.From 2017 to 2019, Gorman served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Assistant Secretary of Threat Investigation and Analysis in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.In that role, he was responsible for analyzing, assessing, and investigating all threats to U.S. diplomatic personnel.Representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Russia said they would respond to Russia’s decision to expel the diplomat.(CCTV News, Huanqiu Network) An American woman who has been cured of AIDS after a stem cell transplant may become the first woman in the world to be cured of the disease, according to a report released by US scientists.The cutting-edge stem cell transplant treatment is expected to increase the number of people treated to dozens, offering new options for treating many more AIDS patients in the future, according to scientists quoted by NBC News.(CCTV Finance) The Measures on the Appointment and Administration of Deputy principals of Law in Primary and Secondary Schools came into force on May 1.The measures emphasize that every school should be equipped with at least one deputy principal for the rule of law: (1) Education on the rule of law should be carried out with no less than four hours per year.② Participate in the student protection Committee, student bullying governance and other organizations, supervise the school to implement the responsibility of protecting minors.The vice president of Law will be involved in student bullying.③ Assist relevant departments to reprimand or correct students who have bad behaviors.(CCTV news) A woman in Langfang, Hebei province, said she found worm eggs in the interlayer of a seven-degree sanitary napkin she bought after opening it.Seven space customer service staff said they would follow up.At present, Ms. He has accepted the brand side 500 yuan cash compensation scheme.(surge) venture birth eight children woman incident investigation team set up in jiangsu provincial government decided to set up the team, to “venture birth eight children woman” to conduct a comprehensive investigation, completely find out the truth, about the illegal crime punish according to law, the relevant responsible serious challenges, and the results to the public in a timely manner.(CCTV News) Editor Zhang Lei