Online shopping old altar sauerkraut noodles want to return?Platform self-support bright, flagship store net is limited

2022-05-02 0 By

Major e-commerce platforms have removed products such as Laotan sauerkraut and laotan sauerkraut noodles from their shelves after quality problems were exposed on CCTV’s “March 15” gala.However, merchants and e-commerce platforms have different attitudes towards returning and after-sales products related to online shopping.Tmall JINGdong platform self-operated goods can be refunded, postage costs do not need to be paid by consumers in the Tmall supermarket “service hall” page, in the refund column has been set up “Lao Tan pickled vegetables after-sales consultation” special.Customer service staff introduced that Lao Tan sauerkraut related products purchased through Tmall supermarket, whether unsealed or not, are supported to return and refund, the freight is borne by the platform, and there is no time limit for purchase requirements.Similar to Tmall supermarket, jingdong’s self-operated flagship stores of Uni-President and Tingyi support refund and delivery personnel to pick up the products at the door, regardless of purchase time and whether they are unwrapped. Consumers do not need to bear the freight.Tmall supermarket, JINGdong self-run flagship store are officially run by Ali and JINGdong, but in the non-platform self-run brand stores, the situation is not so optimistic.In the unified Tmall flagship store, customer service staff said that it is necessary to meet the conditions of unopened and received goods within 15 days to return the goods, and the return freight needs to be paid by consumers.The requirement of “unsealed” is also strict. Not only the unsealed single package is required, but if it is a large package with five consecutive packages, once the outer package has been unwrapped, the single package with separate packaging inside cannot be returned.And in master Kong’s Tmall flagship store, for reporters as consumers put forward the old altar pickled cabbage noodles return demand, customer service only reply “goods you return for your own reasons, the freight is your own responsibility.”Since then for the reporter’s further return consultation, artificial customer service will no longer reply.In master Kong’s flagship Pinto Duo Duo store, customer service said that the refund is also supported for the noodles with the outer packaging removed and the separate packaging intact, but the products must be purchased within 3 months, and the products beyond the time limit of purchase cannot be returned.Source Beijing Daily client reporter Sun Qiru intern Wang Xinxin editor Kuang Feng process editor Yan Shengmiao