Princess Yao, 38, has been infected with COVID-19, the first case of the Japanese royal family, the route of transmission is unknown

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Princess Yao tested positive for COVID-19 and developed moderate pneumonia, according to the Mirror on February 17, which was later confirmed by the Imperial household.The 38-year-old was diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus on Tuesday after developing symptoms of a sore throat, the agency said.It was only at the end of last month that Princess Yaozi attended a ceremony in honor of the late emperor on January 30 at the Rimu Palace.In this activity, Yao princess and many Japanese royal family have had close contact, including even Naruhito emperor.But the imperial Household Agency said the chances of other members of the royal family contracting the virus were slim.Other members of the royal family have been tested for nucleic acid for security purposes.Princess Yao was also taken to a hospital in imperial Plaza and later transferred to Tokyo University Hospital for further treatment.Princess Yoko, 38, is the first member of the Imperial family to contract the virus. She is unmarried and the second daughter of the late Prince Anuhito.Her illness comes as Japan is being hit by a “sixth wave” of the pandemic involving Omicron, the latest variant of the virus.It is unclear how the princess contracted the virus, but the royal institution said it would conduct further investigations.News of princess Conio’s diagnosis comes after she tested positive for the viral illness, which includes Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla of the British monarchy, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and King Felipe of Spain.As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to increase in Europe, people around the world are on edge.In addition, the nationwide spread of the virus has overwhelmed the health care system, hindered the normal development of the global economy and, to a certain extent, led to social chaos that is difficult to govern.We hope that all countries can pay attention to the control of the epidemic and all the people of the world can actively cooperate to win the novel Coronavirus at an early date.