Rough Chinese text: blow blow “not equal to and your old” plot mutual favor mutual tease, 9.8 minutes overnight brush non-stop

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Today, I recommend 3 super good-looking novels to you, this classic one, let you have a good time!The book friend that likes this one type hurriedly collects ~ recommend to everybody today: rough Han wen: blow blast “not equal to with you always old” plot each other favor each other hold up, 9.8 minutes overnight brush ceaseless # refuse book waste # 1: “Major general is on” author: if if introduce: say division division is wooden again dead guard tradition?She has a tendency to follow trends!Rebellious as she was, how could she willingly be a marriage vase?She vows to never love, but when love knocks, it’s not that easy………………….Will you stop chasing me, my Lord?Pit guide: “The puss are tough…A girl with a gun?”His tone is playful, but on the contrary hand pick on the chin of night moon seeker, the cold face more than a few minutes like mist like half-hidden smile.”You drive?Let me die in your arms.”This pervert!What’s wrong with all the gang leaders in this city?!Night seeker was temporarily choked by his words, had to lift his feet with high heels on his feet.”?!”She took advantage of the flaw in the sick man’s pain to rush out and hide quickly in a yard.Using a quick disguise technique she learned from a Japanese ninja, she changed her appearance and walked out with a low brow.I saw the perverted man still negotiating with his subordinates.”Young handsome, you still have urgent matter, please return……””How?Can’t the overseers handle themselves this time, and they want me to help them?”His tone was mocking, and the Sunseeker saw an opportunity and moved quickly past him.At any rate, the low brow and smooth eyes happened to be a servant, which suited her present image.”Wait!Stop and hold up your head.”Night seeker was called to live, she turned to listen to the heart, wondering what place did not pay attention to.”God thunder young marshal!The overseers must ask you to go back, please!”The guard actually stood in front of him and asked him to go back.God Thornton helpless, “what is the matter?You even use the name.””Your mother is ill.””What?!”God thunder hurriedly, turned and rushed out, the guard turned and imposed sorry.”Young handsome he give you trouble, I am very sorry, you have what urgent matter hurry to do!”Then he walked away, night Seeker thoughtful.The pervert who harassed people was the son of the city’s warlord, not some gangster?!(click the following link to read the novel) second: “dressed as the apex of a fiend treasure” author: old sheep love fish introduction: lovely invincible Tang Xiaonan article stupid woman deserves to wear a s, father is the next child crying frighten not evil spirit god, mother is called through the whole brigade become invincible domineering bitch, three brother is everyone afraid of bullying in the hundreds.However, in front of Tang xiaozuan, they all become little sheep without temper and just want to pet her and pet her again.In order to change the tragic ending of the family in the book, Tang Xiao Luo tries to straighten out her three brothers who were raised to be crooked.”Eldest brother, the teacher good fierce of, you teach me good or not?””Second brother, I am so poor that it would be good to have a miracle doctor brother.”Tang Xiao Luo patted her fat belly, feeling no pain at all.”Three elder brother, I want to eat a lot of meat, but want a lot of money money.”Then, tang three bullies, suddenly one day beat away the evil friends, began to work hard, just in order not to let baby sister down.Turning her brother into a real one isn’t enough, so Lui decides to cuddle up to the future hero’s thighs, now a poor Wolf cub, and feed her future hero.”Brother Ho, eat sugar.””Brother Huo, eat cake cake.””Brother Huo, eat meat meat.”…However, one day, the tycoon refused to feed her and gave her a mysterious and inscrutable smile. Her dangerous eyes made Tang blush.Oh…So shy!Pit guide: “Let her go, Love, you carry the little girl.”Tang Laifu hair, Xu Jinfeng silence, continue to rub feichang.”I carry little girls.”The second brother, Tang Aiguo, carried Tang Xiaozuan on his back, and the three brothers simply went out to the Huo family.The Huo family lived in a shabby house near the foot of the mountain. There were no other residents around. It used to be the home of an old man in the village, but after the old man died, the house was empty and became the home of Huo Jin’s wife and her husband.Huo mother Su Wanrou tears to his son to clean the wound, the suffering of life and did not damage her beauty, even cloth coarse rice, can not cover up her beauty, but this is her biggest disaster, even in broad daylight, there will be loafers to harass Sue Wanrou.If it is not huo Jinzhi fierce can play, Sue Wanrou’s innocence can not keep.”It doesn’t hurt.”Half of Huo Jinzhi’s face is swollen, but still indifferent face, as if the sky and earth can not let him move.The other half of the whole face, beautiful, but also the shadow of the people are chilling, only twelve years old Huo Jinzhi, fierce eyes even adults are afraid of, this is tang Lai Fu don’t like the child’s reason.He’s too grumpy. He’s worse than a pig butcher.Sue wan-rou sobbed as her tears grew louder. “From now on, stay away from that fat girl of the Tang family. We can always hide if we can’t afford to mess with her.When talking about the fat girl, Su Wanrou gnashed her teeth and looked resentful.Tang that fat girl powder carved jade, like really pleasing, but the spoiled temper is really annoying, son to avoid useless, this fat girl always like to toss with trouble, every time to trouble, I was hurt by the Tang three bully beat.Each time beat scarred, see her heart clenched pain, but she is too useless to help, can only helplessly watch her son bullied.Sue Wan soft heart pain, hate tang family insolence, also hate Tang family treachery, her husband was out of five hundred dollars, please don don take care of their mother, but now bully the most ferocious is tang family.That $500 went to the dog.She also blamed herself for her incompetence and cowardice, not only can not protect his son, but also bring a lot of trouble to Huo Jinzhi, she is really a useless niang.Emotional Su Wanrou touched the wound, Huo Jinzhi took a breath, soon calm again.”I’m so useless. I’m the one who got you into trouble.”Su Wanrou’s remorse reached the peak, she still have what use, even deal with the wound this little thing are not good, earn points is not as good as twelve years old Huo Jinzhi.She is a burden to his son!Maybe with her gone, his life would be better.But……Her husband and she agreed that she must be strong to live, he will come to pick up their mother.Su Wanrou believes her husband won’t break the contract, but when will he come?(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “not as old as you” author: East Ze long Palace main introduction: Rough Chinese: blow blow “not as old as you” plot mutual favor mutual tease,9.8 points overnight brush non-stop!On their wedding night, on the first seven days, she knelt at her sister’s grave in her wedding dress.’Haven’t you always wanted to marry me?You were willing to kill your sister for it, and your desire was so strong that I must choose a day to marry you.”The man is sarcastic.In his eyes, she was just a…Shen yiyan was shocked. It was her hard work. She had learned two of them while reading recipes.Her heart a burst of sour, gnashing teeth at him, “why…”Shen Yiyan, you are so stupid. How could I possibly eat food cooked by you?”Ji Yingchuan squeezed Shen yiyan’s chin, as if to take it off. “Don’t think I’ll let you go with these little tricks. You owe Yi Yan, and I want you to pay for it with your whole life.”Shen yiyan looked into his cold eyes and felt his heart chill. “Have you investigated?Why do you think I am? I am sorry to be away from you, but I have never thought ill of my sister.””I don’t want to hear your excuses.”Ji Yingchuan squeezed through his teeth, word by word. “Shen Yiyan, if you try to exoneration in front of me again, I will make your life wish you were dead.”For a moment, Shen Yiyan was so heartbroken that she could not breathe. Yes, she said nothing. Since this was the case, she would shut up later.Season shadow chuan’s mobile phone rang, that head spread permit Xuan charming voice, “shadow chuan, don’t forget tonight’s candlelight dinner date oh, I first to the star dream club waiting for you.”Shen yiyan’s heart was even cooler. It turned out that he had made an appointment with her cousin, but he still let her cook the meal. He must be deliberately punishing her.She laughed at herself, Shen Yiyan, is he too cruel, or you love the wrong person?She waited for midnight, season yingchuan did not come back, she should have thought, how could he be willing to see her so make him hate the woman?Finally, she was so sleepy that she fell asleep on the sofa. The next day, Ji Yingchuan entered the villa and was slightly stunned. Was she waiting for him?She thought he’d be moved?That’s ridiculous!”Oh, I can’t believe my cousin should sleep on the sofa. It’s really hard work. This treatment is worse than the nanny.”And sneered at the charming women around him.Shen Yiyan heard the movement, rubbing his eyes to wake up, she saw the season, and permit Xuan.Something must have happened to them last night. He brought Suk-hsuan back to the villa.”Permit xuan, I see you are inferior to manage oneself, don’t dozen other people’s husband’s idea, be small three never won’t have good end.”Shen Yi said bluntly.”Pa”.”Shen Yiyan, please make it clear to me. You are the one who wants to be a small third, your sister is the original wife. You just come to repay your SINS.Shen yiyan covered his face and shivered, both in pain and fear, as if a sharp knife had pierced his heart.”Yingchuan, my cousin is just too much in love with you to say or do something wrong. Please don’t care about her.”Permit Xuan affectation advised, but the expression on the face is very proud.(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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