Strange hobby of foreign soccer star, the hobby of national soccer team is very funny, what is the hobby of women soccer team?

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Don’t be surprised, sometimes the people you play Chinese chess with on the Internet are not necessarily Chinese, but soccer stars.For example, Mr. Pique, the Spanish iron guard, would sit in the room to study the chess game when not training, and a moment of calm, so that he is more full of wisdom.Chinese chess is so fascinated him, after entering the door, he madly fell in love with this brain gymnastics game, it is said that after studying hard, he has been able to beat the general chess fans, this is not to mention, other chess also attracted him, master several kinds of chess skills, whether he is more helpful to the overall situation on the court?Being a footballer means financial freedom, lots of money to splash and all sorts of tempting things to do. But what does Lionel Messi, the world’s richest footballer, like?Is it any different from normal people?Yes, coal boss is not as bad as Xiao Luo, he and our ordinary people, like to brush mobile phones, like to bask in photos, especially like bask in their beautiful wife Antonella’s household makeup photos, is Versailles!So, does Messi’s equal have any hobbies?His hobby may be similar to the majority of Chinese people, that is like playing table tennis, known as a fitness expert, his table tennis attainments are not low, his teammates know that one does not play table tennis with Chinese people, two do not play table tennis with Cristiano Ronaldo, basically every time being abused, there is no hope of winning.Manchester United’s king Eric Cantona, a soccer star known as a French tough guy, is one of the most recognizable figures in football.During the game, his collar was always standing up. I wondered what else he could stand up without the collar.Later, after the old man retired, on the road of performing arts, from running cast, walk-on, finally boil to the male number one.A person has a hobby is normal, as long as not to squander life, not to harm others, is normal.Fans have no reason to object, but the Chinese men’s soccer team is special. Some like luxury cars, some like drinking, some like smoking, some even like to stare inexplicably, which is a little weird.Men’s football, it is not strange, the results are there for all to see.So, what does the winning women’s soccer team like to do on a daily basis?Wang Shuang said, the usual training is more tired, leisure time, a few sisters sit down, will drink tea and chat, spend a leisurely time together.See here, we understand, this is probably the difference between winning and losing.Never let the heart lonely, their quality determines the height of life!