Ice heart a jiangshan I, sweet words sweet words bitter rain from easy

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art Ice heart a jiangshan Let me, sweet words sweet words bitter rain from calm.Pine plum spirit against the wind, fragrant with rain xin, through the vicissitudes of life and snow every spring.The cold does not cry, with rain into the window lattice, small building lonely home mountain feeling.Not lean column, tears did not dry, a qing song under the moon for fun.Wind and rain life difficult, hair white hair sigh fleeting, sour, sweet, bitter and cool see indifferent.See not clear, pain and happiness since clear, white hair why sigh, and the life as a painted screen.Bitter and happy for many years, the fickle world do not wear, white hair pale yan is the most beautiful sunny day.Hair white hair Jiangnan rain, life where not to meet, the fickleness of the world are passing, joys and sorrows in vain.Sorching cold by passing wave, joys and sorrows, bittersweet white hair with the wind, mo sigh life bumpy.Infinite number, the world is hot and cool limited body, what fear pale yan, life is the most beautiful innocence.The road of life uneven, hair white hair two greet, sour, sweet, bitter and happy taste, the fickle world as freely.The fickling world a few vicissitudes of life, bittersweet taste, years of ruthless intention to write Chapter.White hair two accomplishes nothing, one hundred years old life is fickle more changes, joys and sorrows always close feelings.More changes, often think less sorrow, white hair why sigh, happy life to stay.For many years, if life is idle, the fickleness of the world knows the changes in temperature, sour, sweet, bitter, happy product Singan.Don’t say that life has no ancient and modern, white hair two invasion, sour, sweet, bitter and cold can not be found.Life life a few vicissitudes of life, hair and white hair is busy.Where not vicissitudes of life, hair temples frost, bitter sweet cold and warm product crystal wine.Tianming dream is not, qinghui wanli according to the lonely lamp, reciting poems to the month of fragrance of flowers to the night.Plum blossoms fall, Liu Xufei, mo Qinghui still as you return.To the dawn of the morning, according to me, the month poem poem willow hundred years.Dream is not, on the moon fu autumn sound, qinghui asperse three thousand li, only to wait for the dawn as I.Lang Yue fu Yunxia, night reading Tang feng-appreciation osmanthus, a wisp of qinghui is my home.Wanli qinghui according to the passenger ship, is another year, the wind blows willow poetry two cold.The stillness of the night till dawn, a wisp of light with me, on the poem willow dance light.Rush hair, what just as well flower month fu idle worry, no one sweep, until dawn good autumn.Poetry on the moon fu denglou, a good autumn, wanli qinghui who together, alone on the highest head.Qinghui wanli tianming alone, last night the wind blowing month fu dream return.Dawn people did not sleep, qinghui such as water poetry on the moon, the wind sent fragrance to the bedside.The wind and grass color green, on the aspirations of the moon, acacia to dawn.Compose a poem, floral to pillow, a ray of light outside the window, dawn person quiet night without sleep.Its own qinghui pity lonely, residual dream of dawn, jinfeng Yulu new poetry to send my feelings.Dream is not, poetry to the month of leisure, falling three thousand miles, only for the morning according to me.Black hair white hair two desolate, a hundred years of life without a dream, the fickle world less fun.Walking life white hair sigh waste, sour, sweet, bitter and cold ren said.All fate, fate, hair and white hair life has a hundred years.White hair sigh fleeting, life moment, the fickleness of the world bitter sweet and sour.The heart of the world since the leisure, where in the world really gentleman, changing the wind and change.From his heaven and earth, ups and downs as I bitter sweet, the world of cold and warm everything empty.Heaven and earth a line lead, the world of mortals have love lingering, who can change the material, bitter sweet and sour from the poor.No trace, heaven and earth several degrees of spring, sweet and sour are passing, the vicissitudes of the ups and downs.The vicissitudes of spring, through the vicissitudes of bitter and xin, mo road more bumpy world, the world has the most pure love.Impermanence bitter cuanding, the storm changes like duckweed, the world how much of the world a love.The world sky a cloud of mortals, the vicissitudes of life bitter to find the soul.The world of mortals a few degrees in autumn, where in the world to make music is a gentleman, changing clouds any freedom.A few short spring and autumn, the wind and cloud to stay, not a smile of the world.Heaven and earth love do not, the world of mortals meaning difficult to rest, the vicissitudes of the sour and sweet together.There is always a reason for everything in the world.Out of xiu baiyun leisure change, yellow leaves bitter drift, the world of mortals ask dead life.All the world, changes as vicissitudes of life, the world why to ask, see through the light of mortals.The world of mortals a dream two slim, mo acacia change is vicissitudes of life.The world is fickle and changeable, there is a dream bitter lingering, the path of the human world smoke.Sky two vacant, if the world of mortals years, the vicissitudes of life short dream difficult to circle.Not idle, or light, wu Hook drink horse sad road.Mo life less sad, wu hook hanging on such as hook, men when there is a hero eternal flow.Month such as hook, love and hatred how little worry, when men have ling Yunzhi, hero since ancient times first-class.Men more ambition, hero since ancient times not suicide, less worry about home wu Hook miles.Don’t say hero does not relieve sorrow, men have tears or light flow, wu Hooked up that year, as qinghui xu less worry.Scholar is still less worry, when the spirit of its own lingyunzhi, do not be a hero for Chu prisoners.See Wu Hook, mo road life is less worry, more ambition, hero why seek seal hou.Since ancient times, men have more ambition, never women have a hero, less worry about the country qiqiuye, old to see wu Hook wanlihong.Since ancient times, heroes are more flimsy, men have tears not lightly, wu Hook iron horse sorrow and cuckoo.Worry old to crazy, to wu Hook man heart like iron, hero since ancient times not meet the time.Don’t regret, Qin Guan Han month less sorrow, when there is soaring ambition, don’t make hero tears full sang.Gas guan Hong, immediately on the hero, less worry about the country qiqiuye, old to see wu Hook wan Gu gong.Hero since ancient times many tribulations, men volunteers not residual, laugh at Wu Hook country tears trickled down cheeks.Once less worried about the people of the west wind, when the hero blood red.Aspiring to embark on the journey, the hero more uneven, mo less sad hanging on the light.Hero bumpy, men aspiring to the day song, wu Hooked up the river of sorrow tears.Qinghai water, river flow, men when a hero tears dark closed.Fu Wu hook, still less worry, don’t say the end of the men also romantic.And cool autumn, yellow flowers particularly fragrant, white hair pale yan people are not old, why sorrow temples dyed silver cream.White hair full of frost, years ruthless sorrow heartbroken, huanghua twice in chongyang yesterday.Full of yellow flowers reflected sunset, who is after the autumn wind frequency add Liangbin Hua.Mo autumn to worry not to return, hair and white hair two phase urge, yellow flowers full chongyang drunk once.Huanghua old, today chongyang chrysanthemum is fragrant, I do not know the body is a guest, white hair and add frost.Sorrow killed jiangnan spring has returned, white hair very sad, yellow flowers fall as no one tube, and the Double Ninth Festival nine days.Yellow flowers to the evening Double Ninth chrysanthemum is open, mo road life two white hair guess.Double Ninth thought so home, east hedge wine white hair no one asked, empty to the west wind sorrow sunset.Mid-Autumn festival special sorrow, white hair tears double flow, huang Hua does not understand chongyang xiaolong.Add new, castle peak memories of old people, last night yellow flowers all over the ground, double Ninth did not see the old spring.Graceful to huanghua affection, after climbing again, idle sorrow a few wisps of three thousand wine pouring.The night is deep, yellow flowers all over the ground, white hair urges a person old, sorrow alone pour to the west wind.Xianxue a wisp of west window, white hair hair temples cream, yellow flower last night is the Double Ninth festival.Hugh said white hair sad silk 100 feet long, and see yellow flowers twice double Ninth festival.No one asked, sing alone, thousands of miles of melancholy white hair dyed green jin.Why should I talk about short and long, hundred taste sigh yan cool, Ming dynasty is tonight to sleep.Where to find the Ming Dynasty, tonight there is wine bitter short must treasure, do not make young sigh land sink.Passion must indulge in wine, thousands of cups not drunk sigh fleeting, if the Ming Dynasty has a more round moon tonight.Mo sigh spring has gone away, why melancholy look at the clouds, the Ming Dynasty is the day of flowers, and drunk tonight wine a ladle.– Zheng Huixian original Art #