Rain water solar term diet and daily life depends on the “day”

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Spring breeze is on our faces, and the days of melting snow and ice are coming.In such days, there are a lot of people can’t wait to get rid of the heavy winter light, but accidentally can be disturbed by all kinds of seasonal diseases.In fact, in the rain solar term, more attention should be paid to the adjustment of diet and rest time.After the rain season, the climate is warm but windy and dry. The skin, mouth and tongue are often dry and the lips are cracked. Therefore, it is necessary to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to replenish the body’s moisture.As spring is the beginning of the growth of all things, we should eat less greasy food.Spring diet should eat less sour taste, eat more sweet, in order to nourish the spleen qi.Can choose leek, Chinese toon, lily, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, lotus root, taro, radish and so on.Rain belongs to early spring weather, warm and cold temperature is still low, the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly, weak people are easy to catch a cold.Do not rush to take off winter clothes, pay attention to warm and cold.Exercise more, take more deep breaths outside, and get more sun.In addition, the rain season, the beginning of the rain will fall, prone to joint pain, especially shoulder joint, waist joint pain, pay attention to keep warm.When you are warm and cold, you have to mention what people often call “spring wu”.The so-called “spring wu” means don’t rush to take off thick clothes in spring.This is the ancient people according to the characteristics of spring climate change and put forward the principle of health preservation of clothing, early spring Yang gradually, the climate is getting warmer, people gradually cotton wear single.But at this time of frequent cold air activities, temperature changes, although the rain season is not as cold as winter, but due to human skin Cou rationale has become relatively loose, the resistance to wind and cold evil will be weakened, susceptible to wind evil and disease, so “spring cover” is reasonable.Source: China Meteorological News