Sand in your eyes

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Friends say there are more and more things that make people uncomfortable, and they don’t know if it’s someone else’s problem or their own.Because they feel the same way, and then think that their friends will look back on them.Is said will be sand in the eyes, once you have sand in our eyes, the eyes have a problem or the responsibility of the sand, the answer is no objection, stubbornly looking for eye problems, can only say that at the time of the wind, eyes closed in a timely manner, let sand have can take advantage of, and that didn’t have eyes in a timely manner to the use of sand mechanism to sand it out as soon as possible.Representation of the sand and eyes can be through a variety of subjective and objective methods and achieve separation, and as a metaphor of sand body and not eyes close you can’t come in, or want to row can eliminate, in short, a lot of times, eyes in metaphors have to make peace with the sand, this is I want to say yesterday “and” not good “peaceful coexistence” version changes,I came up with this topic because of today’s conversation.With the passage of time and constant self-adjustment, some things have been in peace and become pleasing to the eye without deliberate reminding, while others have been stuck in their eyes like sand because of constant stimuli, wanting to go away but unable to.Admittedly, there is an element of jealousy involved.Envy envy hate is a thing of the attitudes of different gradient, is associated with the subjective of watching, but the person that be jealous is also to blame, eliminate the factors of look in general, by a highly respected person, low-key through legal compliance of achievement, achievement, and everything else, the harvest is admirable, mostly those by hook or by crook to get more is jealousy,Unfortunate side with one or two (no more) is enough to make people uncomfortable, so it is difficult to be found not, and the power of magic always strong, look, binjiang, one of the new champions league nucleic acid positive let the hangzhou people’s schedule on the stars code, originally the legendary pluck the stars send to you, it’s that simple, heard of love and flowers, and, having original star.Envy others and envy by others are inevitable, in life that have been written off big literary giant su dongpo, is said to be because people jealous of his talent to some bad luck, can here are guilty, although the officialdom is one of the reasons for the achievement big literary giant, although su dongpo is famous, a household name, but he cannot know himself.In physics says “force is the mutual” we look at the others, we must also see others where not comfortable, is often thought of cause and effect of good and evil, we are not always the good side, from the point of view of some people, we are also to be causal, maybe others are confused in returns between good and evil, such a thought, could not help but surprised out in a cold sweat.Pay treasure ants in the forest, when accumulated to a certain degree of the energy, can plant trees planted a tree after ability accordingly reduce, to grow is to start over again, perhaps in “what goes around comes around.” so it is not once and for all, to do good work for rewards and reset, again want to accumulated returns have to start from scratch, so the ill is a lifetime thing.Somebody else by hook or by crook, somebody else’s self-righteous, kiss and tell the somebody else is evil, but a wise man said “remember people evil, hurt yourself,” buoyant with somebody else to hurt themselves, how stupid, how much more is not yet satisfied, is helpless, even has satisfied the somebody else CAI all lived to be eighty years old, in the seventy s ancient rare.Two days ago, I thought of “reconciliation with the world”, and once wanted to announce to the world, but the confidence is not enough, afraid of being hit in the face, so it is only a thought, now strengthened, want to return to the mountains or water in the landscape, is also the right place at the right time.When a person is regarded as the sand in the eyes of many people around, it is already a kind of causal return, do not expect, in order not to hurt yourself.