Tianjin, Shanghai and Gansu public security organs to ensure that the masses celebrate the Lantern Festival

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On February 15, the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, public security organs in Tianjin, Shanghai, Gansu and other places have made thorough arrangements to mobilize the police and go all out to ensure that all security measures are taken strictly from detail to fact.The general public security police auxiliary carry forward selfless dedication, continuous combat, “give up the small family circle everyone” spirit, and strive to create a safe and stable social environment for the masses to celebrate the Lantern Festival.During the Lantern Festival, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, tianjin public Security organs launched a high-level duty response to comprehensively strengthen the prevention of risks, security, stability and fight against the epidemic.From 0:00 to 17:00 on February 15, 110 criminal police cases were reported in the city, down 50% year on year. No major public safety accidents occurred. Expressways and main roads of the city passed smoothly, and major tourist attractions were in good order.Tianjin public security organs strengthened the overall prevention and control of social encounters, allocating 12,000 street police officers and 55 groups of “sharp knife” mobile teams to implement the “1, 3 and 5” quick response mechanism of special police in street movements, and continuously strengthened the security protection of large shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic spots and parks to maintain the overall peace and stability of social order.According to the characteristics of a snowfall weather recently add 1190 traffic control point, strengthen urban main road, the highway patrol management of ice and snow road and snow removal, because of drunk driving drunk, overloading the overcrowding and other kinds of serious traffic violations, and “two guest a dangerous goods transport enterprise to carry out the inspection, deepen the source management, safe confirmed open.We have strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthened quarantine and order in the three regions and one area, and cooperated with relevant departments to ensure on-site security, including nucleic acid testing and screening, so as to safeguard people’s lives and health.On February 15, the Lantern Festival, Shanghai’s public security organs adhered to the principle of “science and technology plus manpower”, launched high-level duties, increased police resources, spared no effort to do a good job in key areas of public security prevention and control, fireworks safety control, public places where crowds gather, and other work to maintain a safe and orderly operation of the city.The social meeting of the city continued to be stable, the police situation decreased by 19% year on year, and no major criminal and public security cases, traffic and fire accidents occurred.Shanghai public security organs have strengthened explicit use of police and dynamic deployment of defense, strictly implemented the prevention and control mechanisms such as designated armed duty and joint armed patrol by public security and armed police, and put in place sufficient emergency preparedness forces to ensure that social gatherings are stable and controllable.Further increase fireworks safety control efforts, the city’s public security police led more than 85,000 peace volunteers to go through the streets, stationed guard, do a good job in the propaganda and dissuasion, key areas of inspection and protection work, to ensure that the general public to celebrate the Lantern Festival.In order to cope with the influx of tourists in large shopping malls and popular scenic spots, Shanghai public security authorities have strengthened epidemic prevention and control, crowd control and order maintenance to ensure that all activities are safe and orderly.In Yuyuan Shopping mall, Huangpu Police set up 8 import and export channels, Yuyuan police station to jiuqu bridge as the core layered stationed, through the setting of one-way, serpentine waiting channel, dynamic adjustment of access channel proportion, to ensure good order on the scene.In The Global Port of Putuo District, Baiyu Road police Station dispatched additional police to guard the shopping mall. According to real-time changes in the flow of people, waves of release will be taken according to the situation. If necessary, one-way circulation will be adopted and “hard isolation” will be set up to prevent the crowd from staying and “clumping” and eliminate potential safety hazards.During the Lantern Festival, gansu province public security organ shall strengthen overall social overall cruise control, bao tong bao chang road, scenic spot order maintenance and BeiQin on duty work, and level 3 main leaders of the public security organ and shift leaders on-the-job unattended, 20000 police to participate in social security prevention and control and festival, to maintain the smooth social security situation in the province.Gansu province public security organ shall strengthen the social overall prevention and control, outstanding joint logistics command, spreading in the key areas, such as social cruise control, peripheral line LianZha work, the maximum play to the public security police mechanism of joint logistics efficiency in key areas, crowded places for uninterrupted patrol, effectively raise alarm rate, the charge rate, strengthen the power, control, enhance the masses of security.Strengthen cooperation with cultural and tourism departments, formulate work plans in advance, increase the police and security forces on duty in scenic spots, and ensure good public order in all scenic spots.In view of the extreme weather that may continue to rain or snow, the joint work mechanism of public security and transportation departments will be activated in a timely manner, traffic conditions and safety tips will be released in a timely manner, and road traffic management services will be well organized and implemented.We have spared no efforts to prevent traffic jams and ensure smooth traffic. We have intensified the investigation and punishment of illegal operation of key vehicles and over-limit transport, strictly supervised the transport of fireworks and firecrackers, and severely investigated outstanding illegal activities such as drunk driving and over-fatigue. All these efforts have effectively created a safe and civilized road traffic environment.(Zhang Ruixin, Wu Yi, Yan Zhenzhou, Li Hui)