Chenzhou reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 among returnees from Hong Kong

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On February 15, Chenzhou city reported 2 confirmed COVID-19 cases among Hong Kong returnees to Hunan, which have been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment in isolation.The two confirmed cases, Surnamed Xiao and Deng Kang, entered The country from Hong Kong early on February 14 and then drove to Zhuhai, Guangdong.After the outbreak of the epidemic, Chenzhou city immediately launched the emergency response plan and quickly entered the emergency state. It immediately carried out the work of tracing the source of the epidemic, tracing investigation and control, regional nucleic acid testing and other work, and carried out environmental monitoring and elimination of the hotel where Xiao and Deng lived and other activities involved.As of 10 o ‘clock on February 15, has been screened out close contacts and key groups of 842 people, and according to xiao, Deng Mou Kang activity track delineated key areas, the implementation of control measures.After verification, Xiao mou, Deng Mou Kang’s activity track is: February 14 at 4:00 a.m. Two people from Hong Kong by boat, in the morning 5-6 or so to doumen district zhuhai city in Guangdong Province;At about 6 o ‘clock, they drove their private car (license plate number: Xiang L·L4159) from Zhuhai and drove out of chenzhou West Expressway at about 16 o ‘clock on the same day via Le Guang Expressway.At 16:21, they drove to the South Hospital of Chenzhou First People’s Hospital for nucleic acid testing.16:55 — 17:08 Bought lunch boxes and cigarettes at Tea oil Pig Brain box Restaurant and jianguo grocery store nearby in Luoxian Road Food Processing City, Beihu District;At about 17:30, they checked into Jindi Hotel on Nanling Avenue in Beihu District and did not go out afterwards.As the test results and reexamination results were both positive, she was transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment in the early morning of February 15.Chenzhou municipal committee of the epidemic prevention and control command in this call for: on February 14 15 PM on February 15, 50 points to seven in the morning, and a XiaoMou, deng, 2 people have had contact or activities trajectory intersection, please prepare personal protective case, immediately to the village (community) or local CDC report, and cooperate with the related disease control measures.At the same time, citizens (villagers) are urged to pay attention to the official authorities, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not fabricate rumors, further raise awareness of prevention, take the initiative to vaccinate against COVID-19, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate, do not gather, maintain social distancing, and actively cooperate with the government to implement various epidemic prevention measures.It is not necessary in the near future, do not leave the city, do not go out of the province, do not go to medium-high risk areas.Report to the village (community) or local CDC in time.Take the initiative to report and prepare your trip. Before departure, check your destination’s epidemic prevention measures. You can find specific information through the local health commission, CDC and other websites and official weibo accounts.The following persons are advised to consult the community (village), work unit or hotel where they are staying before going out, take the initiative to report the epidemic prevention measures as soon as they arrive at the destination, consciously abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with the implementation of health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other relevant epidemic prevention measures:(1) Those who have traveled to or returned to Hunan within the last 14 days in high school risk areas, closed control areas and their counties (cities, districts, banners);(2) close contacts and sub-close contacts of infected persons, and persons entering or returning to Hunan who overlap with the announced track of infected persons;(3) people with a red or yellow health code and an asterisk “*” in the name of the city they arrived or passed through within the previous 14 days as shown on their travel card;(4) high-risk personnel at ports who come into contact with entry personnel, articles and the environment, as well as high-risk personnel at centralized isolation places, designated medical institutions, fever clinics, imported cold-chain food processing enterprises and other key returnees;(5) People with a history of travel to the region where the epidemic has occurred.Health code is an important risk warning tool, not the only basis for implementing epidemic prevention and health service measures. Local governments can take epidemic prevention and health service measures in accordance with laws and regulations according to the investigation.If a person with abnormal health code is found, the community, subdistrict or county-level CDC will conduct an epidemiological investigation, and according to the results of the epidemiological investigation and the individual’s commitment, epidemic prevention services such as isolation and medical observation or home medical observation will be taken according to laws and regulations.After investigation and verification, if the risk level suggested by the health code is found to be inconsistent with the actual risk situation, the health code will be transcoded in a timely manner.Therefore, individuals should pay close attention to whether their health codes and those of their families are abnormal.If your health code changes to red or yellow, please immediately report to your community (village), work unit, school or hotel, or county-level CDC, cooperate with relevant departments in the investigation, truthfully and accurately provide your recent travel and living history, contact history, and personal health information, and cooperate in the implementation of prevention and control measures.If I have any objection to the transcoding of red code and yellow code, I can appeal to the service port of “Health Code Issue Appeal” of “Health 320” public account, or directly to the county-level CDC of my residence, work place or household registration place.Take the initiative to carry out nucleic acid testing. Persons entering Hunan from provinces where local cases (including asymptomatic infected persons) have been reported are required to take another nucleic acid test within 24 hours after arriving in Hunan with negative nucleic acid test proof and self-health monitoring for 14 days.Before March 15, 2022, persons entering Hunan from provinces where no local cases (asymptomatic infected persons) have been reported are required to obtain a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Those who come to Hunan for urgent reasons can take nucleic acid test after arriving in Hunan. If they have no other epidemiological history or clinical symptoms, they can travel for personal protection while waiting for nucleic acid test results.Plan well, prepare epidemic prevention items and try to travel off-peak, avoid passing through medium-high risk areas.Before going out, prepare adequate masks, hand sanitizers, disinfection wipes and other items.Take personal items with you, such as paper towels, water cups, essential medicines, small garbage bags, etc.All the way back to protect, make good records.Cooperate with the station to take temperature check, show health code and other prevention and control measures.Wear a mask at all times when taking public transport, walk less and keep a distance from others.Try to minimize eating and drinking on public transport.Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizers to keep hands clean.Record the frequency, time and seat number of public transport to ensure timely traceability.After returning to their destination, they should strictly follow local prevention and control requirements and make registration and reports.Source: Youth Hunan, Chenzhou COVID-19 prevention and control, Hunan Daily (Statement: “Hunan Education Net” wechat public account to forward this article, for the wider dissemination of quality information for the public welfare purpose.Please contact 0731-89783191 for correction, deletion or legal action if any of your sources are inaccurate or have violated your legal rights.)left