“Little brain axe” to wish everyone a happy New Year!Welcome the new tiger year, the hospital warm heart one after another “love live warm heart spring”

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Happy New Year, happy New Year!Happy New Year to everyone!On the first day, we go to the newly born “axe” cerebellum left two tiger younger brother “on the first day on the point to the zero point of the bell ringing, the year of the tiger Spring Festival gala was broadcast, a” Shanghai big cradle, “said the maternity ward in the health care of the first penetration things on campus of Shanghai, almost invariably loud voice was heard loud cries.Two “small brain axe” on the colorful clouds come!At 0:02, the baby of Ms. Xi and Mr. Lu, a post-90s couple, was born crying in the delivery room of a maternity and Infant east Hospital.The couple had already chosen the baby’s nickname, nian Nian.The “tiger boy” has a powerful cry and weighs 3785 grams.The medical staff weighed him, made small footprints and gave him a red tiger cap.Year after year at ease on the mother’s body, that scene is really, too warm!Wu Jing, a nurse in the delivery room of a maternity and infant hospital, was born in 1998. She is also a “small brain axe”. This year is her second Spring Festival holiday on duty.The good news from the west delivery room and the good news from the East delivery room can be synchronized.At 0:02, Mr. Guo and Ms. Li’s “two treasures” were born in the west hospital delivery room.He is also a “tiger little brother”, because at first looking forward to giving birth to a “tiger little sister”, mom and dad laugh that there is no time to give him a baby name.This family is very close to a woman and baby. “Dabao” was born in a woman and baby on New Year’s Day 2017. Now, “Little Tiger brother” is also here.On the New Year’s Eve of the birth of “Tiger Little Brother”, Guo wrote a handwritten thank-you letter, saying that he was very excited and happy. He thanked the medical staff for their superb skills and excellent service, which helped his wife to minimize her pain during the process of childbirth.In recent years, the number of tertiary hospitals in Pudong New Area has been increasing year by year, and many advanced technologies that used to be necessary to “cross the river” have come to the “doorstep”. To ensure safety and celebrate the New Year, people’s feelings come first.A 65-year-old Aunt Ye from Huinan town suddenly had a stomachache late at night on New Year’s Eve. She went to the emergency department of Pudong Hospital and was diagnosed as choledocholithiasis accompanied by suppurative cholangitis. Considering the upcoming Chinese New Year, the aunt’s family decided to treat it conservative first and then perform surgery after the Chinese New Year.Unexpectedly, In the early morning of New Year’s Eve, Aunt Ye fell ill again and was rushed to the hospital. In the morning, Deputy chief physician CAI Lei and attending physician Chen Jie performed ERCP surgery on her, and the stone was removed without surgery, and her condition was immediately stable.Due to the high degree of difficulty of ERCP, ERCP used to be the “patent” of third-class a hospitals. In recent years, the medical level of Hospitals in Pudong district has been improved by leaps and bounds, enabling people in Pudong to feel the convenience brought by advanced technology “at home”.”Angel” to send “blessing”, the ward is strong, they are the angel sent by God, all the year round non-stop, with action to protect life, the patients’ smile is the best reward for them.During the Spring Festival, gongli Hospital red pigeon volunteers walked into each ward of the hospital to carry out the activity of “Welcome the Spring Festival and send five Blessings”.The meaning of love “fu” word, jumped out of the paper, expressed the New Year’s expectations, a piece of the word fu condensed the friendship between doctors and patients.The Mediterranean style White House French Windows…Meet the blue and white Dream in Pudong’s “Santorini” and watch the stars while lying in bed!* There are cats and dogs and Wells!Staying in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, we returned home with our pet.