Liuyang Yongan Town: good vision gathering people “happiness house” happiness

2022-05-04 0 By

People in changsha, feb 11 (Reuters) To blaze a trail “societe generale, home rich, the people and the village beauty”, the country revitalization of the new way, at the beginning of New Year, liuyang yonhap town reed pond village “is the sprint start” director of the state, organize the villagers for two consecutive days to carry out the “wing on night activity, honing WuChang construction of the” details “,For the beautiful rural construction to add more people’s livelihood temperature and heat.In less than two days, the villagers voluntarily raised 52,000 yuan for love, which reflects the support and recognition from the masses for the construction of their hometown.In order to seize the new development opportunities, Lutang Village adheres to the principle of “grasping both hands” in mobilizing villagers and promoting projects, showing the speed of “the beginning is the decisive battle”.”This year, we plan to build 5 beautiful and livable villages in a row. By connecting the dots into lines and then connecting them into pieces, we will form beautiful villages with mountains, rivers and countryside, and strive to build them into a model of the whole city.”Liuyang City Yongan Town Lutang village party secretary Luo Xiaoli talked about the construction of the house full of energy, full of confidence.In recent years, Yong ‘an town adapted to local conditions to build houses, the use of ancient trees, ponds, rivers and other natural landscape advantages, not large construction, the construction of a beautiful pastoral livable village by the mountains and rivers, cover red reflect green.At the same time, combining with the local folk culture, we listen to the opinions of villagers extensively in the design, so that the rural scenery becomes the “landscape picture scroll” in the eyes of villagers.”I’m willing to do anything in my power to make the place I’ve lived my whole life better.”The old party member yu Hong eyes flood with tears, simple words said the party member’s responsibility and mission.Today, walking along the Laotao River, one village after another has been transformed, and one “happy house” depicts a happy life, which has become a beautiful scenery line along the Laotao River and enables the “beautiful economy” to better empower the rural revitalization.(Tang Haibo and Xiao Huan) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Lihan)