Sichuan wild mushroom Zhen Tang | Matsutake braised pork

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Matsutake pork belly Main ingredient: Matsutake pork belly Auxiliary: Shanghai Green Seasoning: edible oil cooking wine Scallion ginger salt Sichuan Wild mountain essence Dark soy sauce recipe:Will be streaky flipping leather in the hot pot can be a good cut pork belly into mahjong pieces, tricholoma matsutake half-and-half cut pour in hot pot cooking oil, stir-fry onion ginger pot sweet spices and oil Fried pork belly fanned out after add in rock sugar and soy sauce and stir-fry until into the color, add enough water to cover the streaky back cover burn half an hour to bring to join the tricholoma matsutake, burn again 10 minutes after the fire the juice add sichuan wild duck, fine,Salt and scallions will serve.