The three customs of the New Year mentioned in yuanri

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Yuanri Song Wang Anshi firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into tu Su.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.Bursts of loud firecrackers, the old year has passed;The warm spring breeze blew in the New Year, and people drank the newly brewed Tusu wine happily.The rising sun shone on thousands of households. They were all busy taking down the old ones and replacing them with new ones.Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, the first sentence “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve”, in the sound of firecrackers off the old year, ushered in the New Year.The sentence is closely related to the topic, rendering the lively and joyful atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Can set off firecrackers disinfect?Setting off fireworks will release a large amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide gas and soot, potassium sulfide, metal oxide and carbon particles into the atmosphere, resulting in a significant increase in the concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere, especially PM2.5.Inhaling this polluted air can stimulate respiratory mucosa, harm lung tissue, cause or induce bronchitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema and other diseases, especially for the elderly and children.At the same time, the high intensity, high density and long-term noise produced by setting off fireworks will do great harm to patients suffering from cerebrovascular diseases, heart disease and other diseases, and even threaten the safety of patients’ lives.Besides, setting off fireworks also produces a lot of rubbish.Spring breeze sends warmth into Tucu.The second sentence “Spring breeze sends warmth to Tusu” describes people enjoying tusu wine in the warm spring breeze.It is said that Tu Su wine was created by Hua Tuo, a famous doctor at the end of the Han Dynasty. Its formula is soaked with traditional Chinese medicine such as rhubarb, Atractylodes atractylodes, cassia twide, parsnip, prickly ash, aconite and aconite.It was spread by sun Simiao, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty.Sun Simiao every year on the twelfth lunar month, always want to distribute send numerous neighboring villagers a pack of medicine, tell everyone to bubble wine with medicine.Sun Simiao also named his house “Tu Su Wu”.Later, after passing down through the ages, drinking Tu Su wine has become the custom of the Chinese New Year.In ancient times, the method of drinking Tu Su wine is very unique.When people drink alcohol, they always start with the elderly;But tuco is the opposite, starting from the youngest.That is to say, when the family gets together to drink Tu Su wine, the young children should be the first to drink a little wine, and the older children should drink a little wine.Su Zhe, a litterateur of the Song Dynasty, wrote in his poem “Eliminating the Sun” : “After drinking Tu Su at the end of each year, I felt that I had been more than 70 years old.”That’s the custom.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.The third sentence was “Tong Tong”, writing that the brilliance of the rising sun shone thousands of households.Use “Tong Tong” to show the brilliant sunrise scene, a symbol of infinite bright and beautiful prospects.The next sentence, “Always replace the old peach with the new one”, not only describes the folk customs at that time, but also implies the meaning of eliminating the old and replacing the new.”Tao Fu” is a kind of peach board painted with gods and hung on the door to ward off evil spirits.Every New Year’s day take down the old peach, put on the new peach.”The new peach for the old symbol” and the first sentence firecrackers to send the old year closely echo, image of the performance of vientiane renewal of the scene.1. Do not paste the left and right couplets wrong.When Posting Spring Festival couplets, some people often put the upper and lower couplets in the wrong position.The key to distinguish the ups and downs is the last word. According to metrical rules, the last word in the ups must be a oblique word (Three tones and four tones in Mandarin), and the bottom word is a flat word (one tone and two tones in Mandarin).When sticking couplets, the upper couplet should be stuck on the right side, the lower couplet should be stuck on the left side, and the left and right side should be divided to face the door or pilaster.The reason why they are posted like this is because straight lines are written from right to left, so reading couplets is also read from right to left.2. The time to paste Spring Festival couplets.There is a folk myth legend: the Spring Festival couplets are gods in the sky, when the Spring Festival couplets are torn, they will rise to heaven, to report to the Jade Emperor of every family, hope god can bring good luck to the folk family.It is best to stick Spring Festival couplets between 6 o ‘clock in the morning and 12 o ‘clock at noon on New Year’s Eve, the old Spring Festival couplets torn up, said to get rid of bad luck, there is the meaning of old and new.3. Singular numbers are lucky.Stick Spring Festival couplets on the door, remember to stick singular, singular symbol of good luck.Spring Festival couplets plus horizontal scrolls are singular.Also, don’t stick the word “spring” alone at the door, you can stick fu, fortune, etc., because in ancient times, only yihongyuan will stick the word “spring” at the door.4. “Fu” should not be pasted at will.While sticking Spring Festival couplets, some people also like to stick the word “fu”, but the word “fu” is not to be posted backwards.