Chinese women’s ice hockey team wins first win

2022-05-05 0 By

The Chinese women’s ice hockey team won its first victory of the Beijing Winter Olympics with a 3-1 victory over the Danish women’s ice hockey team on Feb. 4.China News Network Beijing On February 4 (reporter Gao Kai)The Chinese women’s ice hockey team won its first victory at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 12 years by beating Denmark 3-1 on Feb 4.Chinese goalie Zhou Jiaying’s helmet, protective gear and clothing were decorated with Chinese elements such as dragon and tiger patterns, which attracted the attention of many netizens. Some netizens called her leg protectors “dragon teng and Tiger Leaping wall shield”.”I hope to show more traditional Chinese culture to the world, and at the same time it represents my wish that China’s ice hockey will become stronger in the future,” Zhou said of his special costume after the game.”This victory is very important for us,” Zhou said. “It’s our first victory in this Olympics and it will greatly boost our confidence for the upcoming games.””We lost in the first round, and when we were preparing for the second round, we kept reminding ourselves why we are here today. We are a good team and players, and we should have confidence,” Idalski said after the game.”We realized that we need to be more physical, be more aggressive, be more defensive, and I think we do have that,” Idalski said of the second and third quarters.”Every team that comes to the Olympics has a lot of strength,” veteran Zhang Mengying said after the game. “In the second and third quarters today, we made a small adjustment to focus more on attack, which created more chances for us.””[Japan] will be a big challenge for us,” she said of the next match against Japan. “They are very good in pace and coordination. Today’s win is a good start for us.”(after)