Daoli brigade actively carried out “I do practical work for the masses, fire propaganda into the family” activities

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In order to enhance the residents’ awareness of fire safety, popularize fire fighting knowledge and fire escape skills, and improve the residents’ ability of self-prevention and self-rescue, fire resistance and initial fire disposal.Daoli district fire rescue group attaches great importance to the “small household outlaws propaganda work, carefully plan, make work plan, set up a leading group, set up the special work team held a special meeting, clear the specialist is responsible for the work, positive purchasing domestic fire control products, such as household fire extinguisher and fire blanket, fire safety flyer printing family,Supervision and inspection teams were sent to villages, communities and residents’ homes to publicize fire fighting knowledge, ensure the stable fire safety situation and resolutely curb the occurrence of “small fire fatalities” accidents.Brigade in the tiny positive with the district civil affairs bureau, street agency, community, contact CunTun, perennial bed for jurisdiction not self-care ability or disability, more than 60 one full year of life, and no children live together to establish parameter, the old man and empty-nesters to lonely seniors on fire control knowledge, understanding is not deep, the fire prevention awareness does not reach the designated position, etc,Property management personnel, CunTun joint jurisdiction street grid, such as power at the grass-roots level, the local police station police visited homes, into people’s homes posters, family fire control products, conduct propaganda, face to face in detail about the family characteristics, the use of the fire extinguisher, fire alert “small fire happened of the outlaws,And how to correctly call 119 fire alarm telephone, household fire prevention, electricity, gas common sense, early fire fighting methods, and field to help the masses to find family hidden dangers, effectively improve residents’ awareness of fire safety.The work of the road brigade will continue to carry out, in accordance with the ledger details of household visits, resolutely curb the “small fire dead” multiple situation.Through the household publicity of “small fire dead”, the attention of the streets, communities and villages to “small fire dead” has been greatly improved to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, and the occurrence of “small fire dead” has been fully contained to ensure the stable fire situation in the area.In the next step, daoli District fire rescue brigade will continue to expand the coverage and influence of publicity, and actively carry out training for streets, communities and families, so as to make the fire safety net more and more densely woven and comprehensively guarantee the sustainable and stable fire situation in the area.- End –