Military children education preferential treatment, important adjustment!

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In 2021 the Ministry of Education, military and political work the achieved work leading group office jointly issued “about further do a good job of military children education preferential treatment several opinions many places have to forward the” opinions “in full requirements in accordance with the actual execution ▼” opinion “was in full finish feel dry dry – 01 with few words said directly.Children of soldiers entering military kindergartens will be exempted from childcare fees, according to the guideline.Military kindergartens implement the principle of “one kindergarten, the whole army sharing”. On the basis of recruiting the children of the staff of the unit, the children of soldiers of other units shall be accepted and enjoy the same treatment as the children of the unit running the kindergarten.Spare degree should recruit children of peripheral local personnel.Children of servicemen entering military kindergartens are exempt from childcare fees.2. Timely raise the standard of “education and education subsidy” “Opinions” clearly, strengthen access to local kindergartens service guarantee.Children of soldiers who do not have conditions to enter military kindergartens shall be arranged to enter local public kindergartens or universal private kindergartens in their counties (cities, districts) according to the principle of convenience. Children of martyrs and soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty can be arranged to enter corresponding kindergartens in accordance with the wishes of their legal guardians in counties (cities, districts).Preschool children of servicemen who are not enrolled in military kindergartens will be subsidized by the army for education and care, and the standards will be raised timely.It is clear in the Opinions that children of military personnel can enjoy more educational preferential treatment.Children of servicemen may, according to their own and family conditions, enter schools and enjoy preferential policies in the places where they, their parents or other legal guardians have registered residence, or where their parents live or where troops are stationed.The opinions emphasize that local education administrative departments should improve the preferential treatment policies for military children, and give priority to military children who apply for ordinary senior high schools and secondary vocational schools under the same conditions.The children of martyrs, servicemen sacrificed in the line of duty and servicemen who meet the prescribed conditions will be given preferential treatment in admission according to the regulations. Among them, units under the division level that directly shoulder operations and combat support tasks in newly formed troops will be unified and controlled by combat units.In accordance with the general requirements for the reform of the national college entrance examination and enrollment system, we will continue to implement the policy of adding extra points to the college entrance examination for the children of martyrs.In the batch that implements the sequential voluntary filing, the children of servicemen who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and the children of servicemen who meet the prescribed conditions are admitted in the batch that have taken the national unified examination and have met the requirements of the relevant colleges and universities for filing shall have priority in enrollment.According to the Guidelines, the requirements for enrollment of preparatory classes for the children of border soldiers will be optimized, and the enrollment scale will be appropriately expanded to provide more and better opportunities for the children of soldiers in remote and difficult areas and with special contributions to attend college.This means, difficult outlying area army soldier’s children and heroic model martyr’s children go to university more secure!Expanding and exploring courses for the children of military heroes and martyrs relying on local colleges and universities to provide more choices for the children of military heroes and martyrs to go to college.That is to say, the children of heroic model martyrs do not have to read military schools to go to college, but can also attend local colleges.Flexibly. 07 “fusion” education, the construction of military children education accommodation stand a piece of content is more, simple comb: (1) forces the soldiers of kindergarten children, in the education teaching, teacher training, health and epidemic prevention, etc., enjoy the local public kindergarten students equal treatment (army kindergarten teachers can also take part in the title appraisal of local administrative department of education).(2) Promote the transformation and upgrading of military children’s schools. The adjusted military children’s schools will be named as “XXX August 1 School”, and “hold hands” with famous schools to build and share resources.③ The construction of military children’s education and accommodation station: the army to provide funding guarantee, local special school policy, regimental level and above the institutional units can take the use of spare real estate, rental housing and other ways to build and rebuild the military children’s education and accommodation station.08. One of the keys to the implementation of welfare policies at all levels is to identify departments and units to implement them.The opinions make it clear that the CMC political Work Department and the Ministry of Education are responsible for the formulation of preferential policies, plans and work guidance for the education of military children.The political work department of the unit at the regiment level or above where the serviceman belongs shall be responsible for the verification and identification of preferential treatment qualifications, and report the demand to the political work department of the provincial military area command system (the children living in different places with the serviceman shall directly report the demand to the political work department of the provincial military area command system with relevant certificates);The political work departments of the provincial military area commands are responsible for summarizing the needs and formulating plans for implementing educational preferential treatment together with the local educational administrative departments.Local education administrative departments are specifically responsible for guiding relevant schools to do a good job of implementing, supervising and correcting and dealing with relevant problems.09. Preferential treatment “opinion clear” qualification certificate system, to establish education preferential treatment policies, degree of resource supply, such as information disclosure mechanism, refining the individual application, qualification review, submission, plan of release, to supervise the implementation of preferential treatment working procedure, qualification, implement preferential treatment policies points, enrolment arrangements, such as publicity system, to promote fair and transparent.Military-civilian joint efforts have been made to establish a uniform format and serial number system for certification letters of preferential treatment qualifications to enhance the normative authority of preferential treatment work.In terms of accountability, the Opinions pointed out that a responsibility system for the education and preferential treatment of military children should be established and implemented, and relevant responsibilities should be specified to specific departments and individuals.The Ministry of Education, the POLITICAL work department of the CMC and the Office of the National Leading Group on Double Support have established a joint supervision mechanism for the implementation of educational preferential treatment for children of servicemen, providing regular inspection, guidance and notification of relevant information.Relevant working mechanisms shall be established and improved at all levels, and rectification shall be made within a time limit if policies are not fully implemented or work is not advanced.In case of serious violation of policy provisions and adverse effects, relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility according to discipline and regulations.”On the day of his mandate, he forgets his home;At the time of battle, forget his relatives;When you beat a drum, you forget yourself.”The sacrifices and sacrifices of military personnel also include those of their families.Every test for soldiers is the same test for military wives and children.Please treat them better!Source: Post No. 1 Public number here thank you!Material sources: China Double Arms Magazine, Shaanxi Veterans Affairs Department, etc