Overnight the United States stocks held, Hong Kong stocks, in the Internet rebound, big A off to A good start!

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The stock market has the risk, the investment needs to be cautious, the flexible reference, acts accordingly!Free to share personal core views and years of experience in disk watching, click on the profile picture to view all articles, click on the upper right corner to follow me.Every day plate, shares based to share the evaluation, here is a dry goods, temperature, so that small white entry promotion learning a good place.The three major U.S. stock indexes were mixed overnight, with the Nasdaq up more than 1.5%.At the close, the Dow Was down 21.42 points, or 0.06%, at 3,5089.74, up 1.05% for the week.The Nasdaq rose 219.19 points, or 1.58%, to 14098.01, up 2.38% for the week.The S&P 500 rose 23.09 points, or 0.52 percent, to 4500.53, up 1.55 percent for the week.New York gold futures were up $3.70, or 0.21%, at $1,807.8 an ounce at the close of trading.Crude oil futures rose more than 2%, with U.S. oil futures trading at $92.31 a barrel, up 2.26%.Cloth futures are currently trading at $93.27 a barrel, up 2.36%.Among the big tech stocks, Apple fell 0.17%, Netflix rose 1.13%, Amazon rose 13.54% after the company beat expectations for its fourth quarter, Google rose 0.14%, Microsoft rose 1.56%, Tesla rose 3.61% and Meta fell 0.28%.Social media stocks rebounded, with Snap surging 58.82% as the company posted its first ever quarterly net profit. Pinterest rose more than 11% and Twitter more than 7%.Most of the popular stocks rose, education stocks, new energy vehicle stocks led the rise, Gaotu up more than 12%, Xiaopeng automobile up 7.85%, Ideal automobile up 6.97%, NiO up 3.63%, Bilibili Baidu, iQiyi rose more than 2%.European markets: Europe’s major stock indexes fell yesterday, with German shares down more than 1.5%.By the close, Germany’s DAX30 index was at 15,099.56 points, down 1.75%;France’s CAC40 index closed 0.77% lower at 6951.38.The FTSE 100 was down 0.17% at 7,516.40.Personal view: the Spring Festival small long vacation soon ended, a-share market will open next Monday, now well outside dish stock performance, after the payroll figures released on February 4, beauty, the federal reserve to raise interest rates in March the expected probability of 50 basis points, but in front of the adjusted, U.S. stocks does not appear sharply fell, the nasdaq closed up more than 1.7%.Hong Kong yesterday at the same time in the year of the tiger the first day of trading, the hang seng index jumped 770 points, the collective, new energy, science and technology of the Internet for the post-holiday a-share market also is all good, even if the market is volatile, everybody don’t worry too much about, after all the A shares still adjustment for more than A month before, the next step is than the patience, the more stocks in the low post, all the more to hold on.After the new energy, photovoltaic, liquor, securities and other plate trends, we can pay proper attention to.# Stock market # If you want to really grow up in the stock market, pay attention to me, I will let you learn a thing absolutely can’t learn in other people!Pull the article to the top, there is a “follow” click on it!Pay attention to me, your future stock account will appear than Kweichow Moutai also high price of the stock.