Six words. All you can read are smart

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Goods, small money is wealth, fortune is a burden, make confused gas again big, the mean is the temper, the atmosphere is angry, angry will often gave up the ghost, little enjoy the blessed, big heart is not static, again big misfortune food, snack supplement nutrition, health damage big eat, eat lie the bed to sleep, nap to tired, sleep time, sleep there is something wrong with play, don’t wait shouldn’t etc, don’t hurt shouldn’t hurt of heart,Don’t say shouldn’t say to see not to carry, can not put down to remember, loathe to leave on the back not to move, open;Don’t remember, put down;Stay not to live, and willing to give up when the child not to trouble you, may have grown up far away from you when your parents don’t bother you, may have been dead when the lover not to trouble you, may have to trouble others when friends not to trouble you, may has a gap is actually living in trouble each other a lot of people fear of trouble, but,If you don’t bother each other, you can’t build a relationship.A good relationship is one that can “trouble” each other. People warm and help each other, which makes the relationship more intimate.As long as it is not too much to ask, can rest assured “trouble”.The most afraid of is: you don’t say, I don’t ask.Many relationships become estranged until they are no longer close.Once read such a paragraph: when the children do not trouble you, may have grown up and away from you;When parents no longer trouble you, may have died;When a lover doesn’t bother you, he may bother someone else.When friends stop bothering you, there may be a gap between you.In fact, people who trust you will never refuse you easily.Because it’s comforting to be bothered and needed by someone you care about.Good relationship, are mutual “trouble” out.Asking people for help once in a while won’t get you blamed or complained.Along the way with you, you “trouble” I love.Maybe that’s what companionship is all about.