0-6 years old magic parenting tips, teach you to easily raise smart sensible mind flexible children

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In 2016, China lifted the two-child policy, a popular policy that became a major hot news of the year.However, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate in 2017 has actually fallen.A lot of people are stuck in the wait-and-see, and it seems that there are not as many people taking action as imagined.If you look around you, you will find that the main reason many families are afraid of having a second child is that it is too tiring to have and raise a child.Not only is there great financial pressure, but bao Ma also pays too much energy and effort.Powerless, with one are so tired, let alone two, dare not think.Imagine what your ideal life with a baby would be like.You can leave your baby at an amusement park and play with your phone, or you can have a nice dinner with your baby.Or give the baby a toy to let him play a day, you want to do what you want to do, when you think so, there will be someone serious to pat you, wake up, don’t dream.In the book, “The French Mother’s Guide to Parenting,” author Druckerman explains why French babies can sleep through the night from three months on, based on the experience of raising children in France and the ideas of French parents.Why don’t French parents reprimand their children?Why do French babies get to do their own thing without Shouting?Druckman tells us, from her own experience, why French parents, who are not so keen on learning parenting theories, have no trouble producing patient, intelligent, educated children.The author makes a comprehensive exploration of French parenting, and makes a systematic analysis of the science and rationality of parenting with the comprehensive knowledge of anthropology and education.It provides a new perspective of parenting for 0-6 year old children, and provides a new and easy way of parenting for mothers all over the world.As long as you find the right way, you can extricated yourself from the exhaustion of parenting and experience the joy of parenting.You can get through a difficult pregnancy gracefully and get back into shape quickly after giving birth.French women do not regard pregnancy as a subject of independent study. French mothers do not believe that a child can be raised from books, but on their own.French women see pregnancy as a time of happiness, calm and rational.They should wear makeup, they should be pregnant, they don’t have to wear high heels to look beautiful, and occasionally they drink coffee and drink a glass of wine.They love themselves and life at all times.Most French mothers are back to their pre-pregnancy weight three months after giving birth.This allows mom to quickly free herself and get dad involved in parenting.Mom can have more energy for other things.French mothers make us think: does the role of motherhood mean self-sacrifice?Does self-torture and self-inflicted suffering make motherhood more valuable?Does the mother belong entirely to the child?We’ll leave breastfeeding aside, but there’s no reason for Chinese mothers to feel guilty about not being able to breastfeed.French women are more in love with themselves at any stage, more relaxed at any stage, and don’t allow themselves to be trapped by the concept of the perfect mother.So relax the mother’s state of education out of the child, unexpectedly clever sensible, obedient patience.It’s not that hard to harvest a baby angel who sleeps well, waits, and loves to eat.For my mother, sleeping through the night was an unattainable luxury.But French babies mostly sleep through the night after three months.French mothers don’t actually do anything, they watch their babies for 5-10 minutes before responding, because many babies wiggle, cry and then fall asleep.If you pick up your baby too quickly, it’s easy to wake him up and deprive him of the chance to fall asleep on his own.French mothers help their babies get into the habit of sleeping through the night by pausing.Mothers who sleep well, on the other hand, are more peaceful and relaxed.A baby that can sleep by itself can eat by itself.French babies eat at 8 in the morning, 12 at noon and 4 at 8 at night.French babies also never eat snacks and don’t take them with them when they go out to play.Eating five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day is the national slogan of France.The first bite is flavored vegetables, such as carrot puree, zucchini puree, vegetable paste, etc.French parents believe fruits and vegetables are the best way to develop a baby’s sense of taste.Treat children picky food, they do not force, do not give up.Instead of forcing children to eat what they don’t like, they will use various cooking methods to try to make children gradually fall in love with food they don’t like.French children are patient and obedient, and parents can talk to each other at work without being disturbed by their children even when they are at home.When children are young, parents teach them to wait and delay gratification so that children learn to divert their attention from crying easily.More importantly, learn to play by yourself without being disturbed by your parents.French parents believe that by giving their children instant pleasure, they will be unable to endure life as a whole.They never deliberately learn a certain parenting method, but from the whole society’s established parenting habits and deep culture.Calm parents can also be authoritative, able to keep their children disciplined and free to grow.French parents are very authoritative and they set rules for their children early.Therefore, French children respect their parents, and will not talk back to their parents, will not be unreasonable, will not endless bargaining with their parents.But they’re not just nerds with no personality.They are usually sensible, polite, and resourceful with their own personalities.How do French parents do it under a veneer of calm and relaxed behaviour?A: Help your child establish A sense of boundaries. What is allowed?What is not allowed?Within boundaries, French parents do not interfere.French parents, for example, ask their children to go back to bed.As long as the child goes back to the room, the parents will not interfere with what the child does.Unless the child stays up too late, the parent will remind him or her.Other than that, parents don’t interfere.B: Be firm when you tell your children not to.Parents don’t need to shout, they just need to be more assertive and persuasive.French parents are willing to communicate with their children. They are willing to listen to their children’s thoughts.It’s easy to see things from the child’s point of view, and parents know what the child wants to do before they do it.French parents talk to their children even in the strictest manner, but not in the sense of superior to subordinate.It’s still equal.What makes children more independent and confident is that French parents let go.Children aged 0-10 can leave their parents for an 8-day school outing.If they can’t do that in China or the US, parents worry about their children and give up.The sooner parents let go, the faster children grow up, which could explain why French parents are so strict and children grow up faster.Children do not have to face anxious parents, parents do not have to face a rebellious and irritable child, parent-child relationship is more relaxed and happy.