A shares change | Taijing Technology (603738.SH) up more than 6% in 2021 net profit pre-increase more than 4.5 times

2022-05-06 0 By

Golonghui January 27 / TAIjing Technology (603738.SH) bucked the trend and rose more than 6% to 52.4 yuan, provisional transaction of 152 million yuan, total market value of 10.5 billion yuan.The company expects the annual attributable net profit in 2021 to reach 215 million to 265 million yuan, up 456.81% to 586.3% year on year.During the reporting period, the overall performance of the company was significantly better than that of the same period last year, with significant year-on-year growth in operating revenue and gross profit margin, sound financial position and good business development.It is reported that the company has cooperated with EPSON, NDK, Big vacuum, Seiko and other counterparts in different ways.