Congratulations To Sun Wen, congratulations to Shui Qingxia!The Official announcement of the Ministry of Education, China’s football talent boom era!

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Beijing time on February 9, just returned to the Suzhou hotel for isolation of the Chinese women’s soccer girls came to the news.According to the official media of the Chinese women’s soccer team, the girls began strength training this afternoon.I have to admire the self-discipline and attitude of the Chinese women’s football team.In fact, before Shui Qingxia took over the women’s football team, The Chinese women’s football team was in a low period.Jia Xiuquan led the women’s football team to a disastrous defeat in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Shui Qingxia took over the team in just 80 days, led the women’s football team back to the top of Asia.In addition to admiring the coaching ability of Shui Qingxia, the fighting spirit of women’s football girls is also worthy of respect.Although The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, but the Chinese women’s football team is not completely out of trouble.Everyone knows that despite China’s large population, the percentage of registered football players is very low.This is true of men’s football, let alone women’s.It is really admirable that Chinese women’s football team can achieve such good results under such a bad environment.Chinese women’s football team can regain the Asian Cup champion, is very proud.But it’s still a long way from getting back to the top.In addition to the support of the various departments of the FOOTBALL Association, the most important thing is the reserve of backup talent and the creation of a good football atmosphere.At this point, suddenly spread a good news for Chinese football.The first Chinese Youth football League will be held in 2022, according to the Ministry of Education, PRC.This is definitely good news for Chinese football.If the youth football league can be carried out smoothly, more and more young talent will emerge.With a larger base of football matches, it will be easier to create a good football atmosphere.There should be both men’s and women’s teams, which is good news for Sun Wen, who is in charge of the women’s team, and Shui Qingxia, head coach of the Chinese women’s team.More and more teenagers are exposed to football matches, and more and more Chinese football talents will be involved.When we were young, we watched Japanese cartoon football players and envied each school having its own football team.Perhaps when the youth league can get off the ground, Chinese football will usher in a Renaissance.