Lujiazi’s new “three provinces”

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Lu jiaxi is a renowned scientist at home and abroad. He served as vice president of Xiamen University, vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, and president of Chinese Academy of Sciences.In 1973, Lu Jiaxi was the first to put forward the net model of nitrogenase activity center in the world, and then put forward the idea of “element assembly” in the synthesis of transition metal cluster compound “self”, which made important contributions to the research of chemical simulation of biological nitrogen fixation in China.After graduating from university, Lu jiaxi always cherished the ideal of saving the country through science.In March 1937, he passed the fifth Sino-British Doctor’s degree and went to the Department of Chemistry of The University of London to study for a doctor’s degree at public expense.When he went abroad, the chairman of the board asked Lu jiaxi, “What do you think after you finish your studies?”He answered without hesitation: “Go back to China, engage in education and scientific research — serve the motherland!”He studied radiochemistry with Professor Sugden at The University of London.In his practical work, he succeeded for the first time in producing highly concentrated radioactive halogen compounds.Thanks to his excellent grades, he obtained his PhD in physical chemistry from The University of London in just two years.In August 1939, Lu went to California Institute of Technology to study under Professor Pauling, who later won two Nobel Prizes.At Caltech, Lu undertook a number of research projects and published a series of influential papers, some of which became classics in the academic field.His “LP factor reciprocal diagram of equiinclined Weisenberg photography” was widely used in the international X-ray crystallography and was included in the International Table of Crystal Mathematics, named after his family name as “Lu’s diagram”.Lu was already making his mark in the international scientific community.In 1944, the Institute for Strategic Formal Logic of the United States made an exception for this outstanding young Chinese scientist and appointed him as a researcher of the Maryland Research Office of the 13th Bureau of the National Defense Commission of the United States, engaged in the research of American wartime military science.The United States urged him to participate in atomic bomb research, but he refused, knowing that once he entered the field, he would not be easily let back home.Lu jiaxi was in the United States and his heart was in the motherland during the Anti-Japanese War.Just after the second world war, he resolutely quit all employment abroad, abandon the superior treatment and scientific research conditions, eagerly in San Francisco to China the first ship to allow they have passenger and cargo dual-use wheel, risking set could touch the war at any time by the risk of mine, with scientific and saving the nation, in December 1945 to return to the motherland.In an interview with reporters, he said that the first “province” of Confucius’ great disciple Zeng Shen’s “I examine my body in three ways every day” should be changed to “seek for others and be disloyal”.It showed his fervent devotion to his country.In May 1981, Lu jiaxi was elected president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.He was the first natural scientist to hold the post.As a fervent patriot, one of his grand wishes was to plant more colorful five-star red flags on the world’s high-tech frontier.After Deng Xiaoping proposed “to occupy a place in the world high-tech field”, Lu jiaxi actively organized and led scientific and technological breakthroughs and carried out international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.He was both a “scientific officer” and a scientist, often summarizing scientific research results to the world exchange, he vividly called the process of planting peach — peach picking — peach selling.He not only planted first-class peaches to “sell peaches” around the world, but also invited famous scientists from various countries to Visit China’s “peach garden”, improving the status of Our country in the international scientific community.In 1988, Lo was elected chairman of the 10th Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Farmers and Workers. He understood that this was the trust and trust of the people.He changed “Zeng Zi Yue” into “Lu Zi Yue” and set up a new “three provinces” for himself: disloyal to the overall interests of the four modernizations?Is academic exchange with domestic counterparts lacking in innovation?Will “tuck in” not be implemented?He put forward three requirements for himself: as a senior leader to pursue “loyalty”, as a scientist to pursue “innovation”, as an educator to aim at “hiding”.In 1991, Lu was the first to speak at the fourth session of the seventh National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).At that time, “science and technology to revitalize agriculture” and “science and technology to revitalize the province” have seen, but as a national “science and technology to revitalize the country” strategy has not been put forward.”We must establish the development strategy of ‘rejuvenating the country through science and technology’ and adhere to it as an important national policy for the long term,” Mr Lo exclaimed.At the same time, he stressed that we must establish the strategy of “rejuvenating the country by educating people first” and “rejuvenating the country through education”.The following spring, he made another speech at the conference, twice emphasizing the importance of science and technology and education.No wonder he was so elated when he heard that the central government had officially announced its strategy of “rejuvenating the country through science and education”.Rejuvenating the country through science and education opened up a new way for Lu jiaxi’s scientific practice. He focused on organizing science and education experts inside and outside the Democratic Party of Agriculture and Workers to conduct in-depth practical investigation and research, consulting and demonstrating regional and professional economic development strategies, and committed to supporting border areas and poverty alleviation through science and education.Before stepping down as chairman of the Rural and Labor Party in 1997, The octogenarian Lu carried out large-scale scientific and technological consulting almost every year, traveling from north to south and from east to west and enjoying it every year.In his view, this is a good time to realize his ambition of “rejuvenating the country through science and education”.Lu Jiaxi, who often regarded himself as a “teacher”, sincerely said: We should not be too far away from the people.It is because of his unwillingness to separate himself from the people and his deep sense of people and equality that he is respected by the people.He was not at all “official”. When he filled out his resume, he always put professor and researcher first before “official” position.He said that being a professor or researcher was his “lifelong position” and that his official title was only a “temporary household registration”.He always told the officials in his department not to call him “official” or “lu Lao” if they were too embarrassed to call him by his first name.He often called himself a “teacher” and was proud of himself as a “teacher”.After 70 years, when people urged him to sit down and use a megaphone at meetings, he always said, “I was a teacher and used to stand up and speak loudly.He often said, “A teacher is not a good teacher if he cannot produce a few students who are better than himself.”Many of his cultivated peaches and plums are scientists and educators with outstanding achievements, such as Zhu Yuan, who was later praised as “the leading protein crystallographer in the world”, Tian Zhaowu, and Zhang Ganer, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Lu jiaxi is open-minded and humorous, and his hearty laughter and loud jokes can often be heard before people arrive.His “humorous thinking” is particularly developed, often skillfully metaphor, such as beads.He compares his stomach to a boiler and his anti-poverty advisory group to a catalyst.Chinese intellectuals, he says, are “cheap, good and durable”.He said the central and western regions should implement the policy of intellectuals in accordance with local conditions, otherwise not only the peacock will fly southeast, but also the sparrow will fly southeast.Lu jiaxi never reprimands people, when parents do not reprimand their children, when teachers do not reprimand students, when leaders do not reprimand subordinates.Instead, he thanked subordinates or students when they did something they were supposed to do.In everyone’s mind, he was like his father or brother, and he was always ready to talk to him or ask for advice because he always tried his best to help out.(Source: China Organization personnel News Network)