“Parenting question and answer” what reason does 4 months darling sleep unsureness old shake his head?

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Source: Sina finance and economics net friend: Grandma Zhang hello, my male treasure 4 months 10 days, pure breast milk feeding, recently 2 weeks or so began to sleep not steadfast, in the case of sleep always shake his head, hand scratching on the face, a little time also cry, pillow in adult arm sleep a little better, eat VD every day.What’s going on here?What do parents need to do?Answer the experts Zhang Si lai physician (sina gold experts from mother to child research institute, the original combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital affiliated to Beijing university of Chinese medicine, chief physician, director of the pediatric) children sleep will be repeated, but also some things belong to the awakening of parents the child sleep, activity or short for already awake or sleep false, this requires parents not to early intervention.In addition, when the child sleeps, it is better to placate the child on the bed.Source of this article: Sina Parenting