Take you into the most real anti-fraud warning scene!

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Anshan Public Security Bureau anti-fraud center received early warning platform push clues: Anshan Lishan district residents Tong may be experiencing “posing as public security law” fraud!96110 anti-fraud center early warning quickly dial the tong Ms. Phone, at the moment of the phone connected only heard a man is with tong Ms. Said: “tell me the verification code!”After the police analysis, the phone over there tong ms should be using their own another mobile phone with the voice call cheater, and has arrived at the fraudster began to ask tong ms bank SMS verification code steps.The situation is urgent, a few seconds later, Ms. Tong may lose money, the early warning on duty immediately call back Ms. Tong’s phone to continue to dissuade.Liar posing as a police, to tong Ms involved on the grounds of intimidation, also asked tong Ms dont answer other phone, tong ms panic has no mind, in the state of stress brainwashing, the situation is very urgent!Anti-fraud center 3 early warning member take turns to persuade its patiently explain in detail, tell its cheater is to use people involved may be arrested by the public security organs of the fear of fraud.After the early warning of fraud means of exposure, tong Ms. Finally believe 96110 side of the “true police”, hung up the cheater’s phone, and uninstall the cheater let it download a number of APPS, stop and each other all network contact, to avoid economic losses.Police warn swindlers to use Internet phone numbers or overseas numbers that start with “+” or “8” or “00” to commit fraud.The public security organs will never use such phones to communicate with the people involved, nor will they talk about any specific problems involved in the case, nor will they ask people to transfer their money to designated accounts for various reasons.Source: Anshan Public Security Bureau editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang