Both China and the US are excluded!The European Union of 30 Indo-Pacific countries is doing something big and sending an unusual signal

2022-05-07 0 By

2022 rings to France as the eu’s rotating presidency, just took office just before long, the French suddenly led the European Union took printing is too dry 30 countries held an event – the so-called “BBS”, held in late February, it is understood that at present, more than Japan, India and other countries have received the invitation from France, a surprise,Neither China, which has an important influence in the Indo-Pacific, nor the United States, which has long wanted to be a “bully” in the Indo-Pacific, were invited. What is France’s intention in excluding both China and the United States?Signal unusual suddenly around China and the United States, France is the world media see in the eye, especially the United States, the U.S. media points out, France held the “BBS”, its real purpose is to research in China launched “area” initiative, also took out the French the invitation list, do have a lot to attend the “area” all the way in which countries.Surprisingly, the US media did little to extend their non-invitation. Given America’s love affair with “America First”, they did not even get a chance to participate.As is known to all, in recent years, both Germany and France are seeking a greater voice, and want to make the EU independent from the US, and do not want to let the EU act as the “vanguard” of the US. This time, it may be the first step towards the independence of the EU without the US.But America has been unusually silent. Are America and Europe heading for a split, or do they have different agendas?Everything is still unknown.France is different?France and Germany as the European Union leader, already tired of listening to everything in the United States, plus the us defense agreement with the anglo-australian, a feet chuai open French, although tooling marolon with biden, but the French don’t but the United Nations permanent member, is also one of the only legitimate nuclear powers in the world, how many have their own direction,Probably looking for the greater good.While the United States trumpeted a “boycott” of the Winter Olympics in China, France ridiculed the United States’ move as meaningless and steadfastly expressed its support for the Games.United States began in France that setback, since trump ruling, France’s support for the United States is clearly not, but no matter how, the two countries are still ally, France in a short period of time could not really complete separation in the United States, but the French want to have more say, want to make the eu more influence in the world is indeed true, but the United States and what would the French,Everything is not so clear cut.